Syria and Iran, Iran and Syria

Tuesday night the President will move his evolving argument about action in Syria to the Iranian connection. His staff, over the next few days will, likely, use the horrific video from Syria in an attempt to enflame emotions. There is no question the video is horrific, but there are still questions in the public mind as to who did it. Perhaps we’re being told the truth and the use of gas is to be laid at Assad’s feet, we who are absent the ability to view classified materials, still have questions. Confidence is not high.

The President hopes that Congress will support him. Not the action; him! The same Congress that he regularly attacks, reminding us of their low favorability ratings and ‘extremist’ elements.

The President will, as Secretary Kerry has done, connect the message of not attacking Syria to Iran. The argument will be that if we do not attack Syria, Iran will be emboldened. The reverse argument could be made that not attacking Iran has emboldened Syria.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Giora Eiland a former national security adviser to the Israeli Government and a retired Major General in the IDF told the Israeli press (Mida) that Obama vetoed a strike by Israel on Iran during the 2012 Presidential election cycle.

Mr. Eiland contends that Israel has the capacity to destroy the Iranian nuclear program and was prepared to do so. Pressure from the Obama administration forestalled Israel’s plan. It is also widely reported that the President delayed the bin Laden strike for months.

So once again, upon further review (it is the start of football season after all) the President will bump into yet another essential contradiction. If the Syrian situation is so closely tied to a message to Iran and the ongoing administration rhetoric regarding a proxy war is justifiable, why not bypass the proxy and go for the head of the beast?

The President has fumbled national security issues over and over again, Syria being the latest in a series. The head long rush to announce the death of bin Laden was an absolute amateur move. Were the President to have delayed the announcement so that the most critical of the intelligence could have, at least, gotten an initial review, al Qaeda could have good and truly been decimated and the degree of political support from our friends such as Pakistan could have been exposed for what it was. Instead the rats had the chance to flee to the hidey holes. The Afghan surge was connected to a date certain for withdrawal. “Mohammed, all you have to do is be what you are, patient; we’ll be gone soon.” The Iraqi status of forces agreement was badly mismanaged resulting in increasing Iranian influence and sectarian violence on a major scale. The sequester, despite calls from both parties to revise and broaden the cuts, lessening the impact on the Military, fell on deaf Presidential ears.

The messages to Iran have already been delivered and have nothing to do with Syria. Our President fails to understand the impact of the Iranian interpretation of Islam which forms the context for their actions. In that interpretation international treaties have no meaning, unless they work in Iran’s favor. In point of fact Fatwa’s have been issued justifying the use of nuclear weapons complete with the ‘acceptable’ body count; eight million as I recall.

The only message Iran will understand is the destruction of their nuclear program. The entire Middle East, North Korea, China and Russia will also understand that message. If we’re going to face consequences at least let them be from removing a true threat to U.S. and international security, which Syria is not.