Randomizing; August 30, 2013

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wants more time to pursue a diplomatic solution in Syria. Over two years have passed with diplomatic efforts failing at each juncture. But wait, in Iran we’ve been at it for eight years, so by U.N. standards we’ve still got another six years to go and then some with Bashar al-Assad. I’m scouring my memory for a situation where U.N. diplomacy actually accomplished something. Darfur, no; Bosnia, no; Sudan; no; Libya, no; Iraq, no; African violence in general, no; oh well I’m sure it’s just a failure of memory on my part.

The current nature of American politics is most graphically revealed when what you said a few years ago, with absolute conviction is not what you say today with the same measure of conviction. But it’s okay because, now, you’re in power! It was, from your prior point of view, horrific for the ‘other’ guy to even contemplate what you’ve announced plans to do. You took to the microphone to decry, ‘un Constitutional’ actions but now engage in the same if not worse. America’s loss of a consistent binding moral center is well reflected in its politics.

The President has ‘focused like a laser beam’ on jobs more times than I’ve turned down salads. The labor force participation rate just hit its lowest point in three decades. Look for the 2.5% GDP to be ‘adjusted’ downward in the next reporting period, it’s almost a guarantee.

It’s beginning to feel like the drawn out processes regarding Syria are nothing more than a convenient circumstance to keep our attention, and the front pages, off what should really matter in the moment: IRS, NSA, jobs, debt, ObamaCare and Benghazi.

While the President’s national security staff wrestled with Syria, the President and Ms. Jarrett were hanging with Magic Johnson; yet another view into Presidential priorities. Can you imagine President Bush doing the same? I can’t.

80% now say the President needs Congressional support to attack Syria. So what? Outside of election related polling the President has not and will not take heed of polling in opposition to ideology. Nearly three quarters of Americans have chosen the ‘wrong track’ polling option for years, hasn’t made a difference! Won’t make a difference; one has to wonder when the public finally approaches their own Red Line?

But wait; we have France on our side! You know, the Colonial masters of Syria back in the day; the country that denied President Reagan over flight permission to attack Gaddafi. France, the Country that screwed us at the UN in advance of the Iraq war; yea, those guys. What could possibly go wrong?