Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood

When you are absent a coherent policy, it’s best to lie low in hopes you may find one. Issuing public condemnations is generally not the way to go. That will, unfortunately, never stop our President. Never forget, that in the aftermath of the Boston Terror bombings the President’s chief concern was to warn us against ‘overreacting’. The President has had nothing to say about the Fort Hood report that could not tag terrorism as a factor; he has had nothing to say about ‘workplace violence’. He’s concerned about the Republican’s ‘war on women’, but not the Islamic world’s war on women; the real war on women condoned by the Brotherhood.

The President has over the past two weeks by way of condemning the actions of the Army and the interim government provided aid and comfort to the MB and is therefore, in part, responsible for the violence he condemns by signaling support for the MB. Holding back the delivery of jets, statements deploring the Army’s reaction to the MB sponsored protests and providing tacit support to the deposed President Morsi in the interest of a ‘Democracy’ that Morsi had no intention of maintaining. One man, one vote, one time! Brotherhood ‘guides’ (their most senior religious advisors) have long contended that Democracy is incompatible with Islam.

Over the past two days reports have surfaced that the MB was involved in the attack on Benghazi and the actual individual who allegedly killed Ambassador Stephens is known. His passport was found in a senior MB official’s home when Egyptian security forces arrested him. In the interest of consistency the administration which called the Benghazi attack a reaction to a video now say that they know Egyptians were involved in the Benghazi attack, they were a “ragtag group of Jihadists”, one of which shouted “I was sent by Morsi”!

Claire Lopez, a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy addressed Obama’s connections to the MD saying; “the (sic) administration is totally in the bag for the MB!” Benedetta Berti of Israel’s institute for National Security agrees with Lopez.

On the American home front administration support for the MB has been much more than tacit. MB members and sympathizers are everywhere in this administration and have been guests of the White House. The CIA Director does not understand the definition of ‘Jihad’ in the context of how it is actually applied by Islamists. James Clapper referred to the MB as a ‘secular organization’. Attorney General Holder and his underlings could not utter the word Islam in connection to terrorism; not terrorism, workplace violence. Tell the truth about the MB and Islamist goals as Stephen Coughlin, the Pentagon’s only expert on Islam at the time did, and consider yourself fired; fired in essence by a Muslim serving in that department.

Islamists have consistently been hired by DHS, FBI, CIA and DOJ and local Law Enforcement to insure that we are appropriately ‘sensitive’ to what amounts to about 3% of the American population. Law enforcement knows that in American Mosques, each and every Friday, the faithful are told not to cooperate with law enforcement. Domestic Islamist ‘camps’ (training facilities) exist in 12 locations around the country, no reaction from law enforcement. Prisons are becoming hot beds for Islamist indoctrination, there mere suggestion that the out of balance presence of Muslim Chaplains, is of course Islamophopia.

Our Secretary of State’s closest advisor is the daughter of the head of the MB’s women’s auxiliary. During the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas, MB participation in illegal fund raising was abundantly clear as was their mission statement, discovered in Northern Virginia, as to how they would turn America into a Muslim nation. How? The MB plan was to patiently use our laws, culture, tolerance and religious protections against us; by screaming Islamophobia at the smallest of perceived insults, infiltrate the American University infrastructure, organize politically and to constantly nudge us to a level of tolerance reserved for them and them alone.

The American Left has made common cause with Islamists, however, it’s exceptionally difficult to see where the binding connection is. Islam eschews homosexuality, secularism, drugs and equal rights for women. The Left is in a different universe on these issues. The Left in general denigrates people of faith and the radical fringes of Islam are amongst the most faithful people on the planet.

The history is clear. The Muslim Brotherhood has long been suppressed in Egypt back to Gamal Nasser. Each Egyptian President since Nasser has seen the inherent danger in a runaway Brotherhood. Each and every time the Brotherhood was given a bit of space, the over reach ensued and resulted in additional suppression. Ayman al Zahwahiri al Qaeda’s new boss was a key MB figure back in the day. The MB was also suppressed in Syria, violently suppressed under Assad’s father. The MB is now fully engaged in the fighting in Syria against the son. To make matters yet more complex they are not fighting just Assad, they are also fighting al Qaeda affiliates.

The MB assassinated Sadat, created Hamas and served as the Islamist brain trust for the global Jihad. By administration standards (or lack thereof) they are ‘moderates’ worthy of political support. How could that be? Because the actual terror was never, until now, at the hands of the MB, it was always at the hands of affiliates or those that depended on the MB for guidance. The administration logic must be along the lines of; okay they provided the motivation, funding, access to the weapons but since they didn’t pull the trigger they’re moderates.

There is something yet to be seen here that is dark indeed. Egypt and Syria are exploding and could take the region with them. Jordan the only true ‘moderate’ regime in the region is on the verge of being surrounded by Islamists. Turkey has, for ten years, slid toward an Islamist controlled government. Violence and terror in Iraq seems to increase almost daily. Iran grows ever closer to nuclear capability and Israel’s need to confront it is closer at hand than we are being led to believe. Hamas and Hiz’bAllah are fighting each other in Syria as are a variety of al Qaeda affiliates. A Hiz’bAllah headquarters in Lebanon was bombed today.

And yet, our President provides bits of support for one of the common threads in all of this upheaval; the Muslim Brotherhood!