Polls And Opportunity

The nine polls represented in the RCP average on Sunday have the President down nearly 8 points relative to job approval. One poll, CBS, has him at plus three, a 48% approval rating; everything else is in red numbers. The singular likely voter poll has him down seven at 46% approval. The registered voter polls have him at 42%. Approval polls based on ‘adults’ show the President at a 43% approval rating.

Poll watchers know that there is somewhere between 22 % and 26% that support the President no matter what. That contention is evidenced by Rasmussen who is the only Presidential approval poll that identifies strong approval or disapproval. Take that factor out of the numbers and you’re looking at a 72% disapproval rate for everyone not on the far left.

On average 62% say the country is going in the wrong direction, these polls are unanimous and vary only in degree. Wrong track polling shows that the best number for the President is 58% saying wrong track, the worse, 68% say we’re on the wrong track. The validity here is in question within the context that these numbers have been shockingly consistent for years with the only blip on the screen coming just ahead of the Presidential election in 2012.

The question is, do Republicans see these numbers as representing an opportunity to create a meaningful counterpoint? Does Leader Reid’s admission that ObamaCare is just a step to full government control in the aspect of health care by way of a single payer insurance plan give evidence to the suspicions? So far beyond symbolic actions in the House and misdirected policy proposals in the Senate: the answer appears to be that they do not. Big issues are there for the taking, chief among them; health care, immigration and the economy. What will the ‘R’s’ show up with, when, and will they represent conservative, communicable approaches?

Time grows short! The President is on the attack. We’ve seen what can happen when disjointed Republicans show up unprepared or unwilling to see that there is a forest beyond this tree.