The Presidential Presser

The President contended one thing to Jay Leno and another to us today in terms of NSA surveillance. The President announced four efforts to restore public confidence. Those efforts, as do many of the Presidents ‘efforts’ include “working with”, conversations, boards, reviews, outside experts and of course a web site. That is quite a lot of effort directed to an agency that was never skirting the law in the first place. This despite the daily revelations of activities that were denied not so long ago; denied right up to the point they were exposed. This will not engender additional public confidence and will likely be seen as a bit of pabulum intented to get you all off his back, especially in light of reports that he’s met secretly with high tech executives to improve surveillance of the public (not addressed by our media elite). The President also made the argument, as again he often does, that others are worse than us in their use of surveillance against their citizens. What he failed to mention is that many of those ‘others’ are supported by his administration; Egypt under President Morsi comes to mind.

Questioned about Russia the President was reasonably forth coming. My personal translation of the President’s comments about cancelling the summit is that the administration will attempt to find a way not to be ‘bitch slapped’ by President Putin anymore.

It took 25 minutes to answer the first two questions!

When questioned again about NSA surveillance he noted that there had been no reports of government abuse. Given recent history that abuse may be tomorrow’s headline. That has been the trend over the past two weeks.

The President’s response to ObamaCare implementation was aimed at Republicans. His theme for the upcoming debate was clear; “Republicans want to keep people from getting Health Care”. He went on to say that opposition to ObamaCare was an “ideological fixation”. The President, at his best when attacking opponents, goes on; “Republicans trying to keep 30 million people from getting health care and that is not a good idea.” The CBO of course has reported that even with ObamaCare 30 million will still be out in the cold. The journalistic elite did not follow up with the President over this particular fact.

Benghazi? Everyone relax, we have sealed indictments; we have flogged them with paperwork. “We are intent on capturing those responsible.” Or, perhaps he might just set the N.Y. Times or CNN on the case they’ve been able to interview suspects, find diaries and discount the pictures the FBI released of possible suspects.

No IRS questions, no questions about information going from the IRS to other agencies, no demand for accountability. No questions about ongoing targeting of Conservative groups.

Why did I force myself to watch this?