Randomizing August 9, 2013

We continue to glide along the path toward the illogic of totalitarianism.

Seemingly every day brings a new NSA revelation previously denied; even the N.Y. Times is on the case. My friends and I strongly recommend that you begin each phone call and e-mail with; “as you know I love the President”. Hey, you can’t be too careful, after all Big Brother IS WATCHING!

IRS, NSA, TSA, DEA; so far, we know they’ve all shared or received information that is forbidden or illegal. Is it too far a stretch to assume that Mr. Obama’s Organizing for America got their hands on some of this information as well??? Or, are they providing it???

Fox News polling shows that the ‘phony’ scandals are not considered ‘phony’ by the public and the numbers are big. Perhaps if we just repeat ‘phony’ often enough it will eventually carry the patina of the truth. Pure Alinsky!

Thousands of Syrian refugees are going to be allowed into the U.S., but the Afghan translator that assisted Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer, in the battle that won him our highest honor, has been waiting for a visa approval for three years, while under death threat by the Taliban. We speed to a place where no one is going to trust us so long as we use those who are willing, then throw them away.

78% of those questioned in a Fox poll say Benghazi is a serious issue and yet, no answers from the administration and very little support from senior Republicans in the House for Rep. Frank Wolf’s legislation creating a select committee to investigate. The ‘R’s” are missing the boat. If you exclude the 22% to 27% on the left fringe, that leaves, well, …… everyone! Just so we’re clear, ‘bringing the Benghazi killers to justice’ is apparently covered by a sealed indictment; really? If you actually do want to put al Qaeda on their heels start bombing the training camps we know to exist: Libya, Mali, The Sinai and Afghanistan, to name a few.

If your neighborhood does not fit some yet to be defined standard of racial or ethnic diversity the President’s administration aims to fix that. No doubt the President’s mortgage proposal will form the foundation of that effort. So far the administration has undertaken great effort to tell us what to eat, how to manage our health care, what to drive, what kinds of public service we should be engaged in, how to inflate our tires, which auto dealerships survive, and, well, the list goes on. Nudge, nudge, nudge; will they deny mortgage underwriting unless you’ve chosen the ‘correct’ neighborhood in order to achieve the ‘correct balance’?

You may be getting a letter saying you’re due an insurance rebate under ObamaCare; don’t get too excited, you’ll have to give it back in two years.

The President doesn’t know where the Gulf of Mexico is, despite having shut it down three years ago.

Canada is, well, they’re pissed. The Canadian charm offensive in Washington on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline has resulted in the Canadians being, well, offended at the treatment they have encountered. It’s time for my very own personal apology tour. To my many friends in Canada, who are generally vert easy to get along with; “I’m sorry we have the President we have.” Oops, sorry, I love the President; damn almost forgot!

ObamaCare will bankrupt the nation, can’t be implemented, can’t be understood and yet the President within the last month assured us that everything is fine. It is! If you don’t have to pay the massive premium increases that are coming, or if you’re not attached to one of the major insurers that are pulling out of the ObamaCare Exchanges.

The Washington Examiner reports that Tea Party groups are STILL being targeted by the IRS. So much for Congressional pressure.

Amateur, yet committed students of Terror and radical Islamic ideology knew all along that al Qaeda and its affiliates had not ‘gone away’, or been ‘decimated’ or were ‘on the run’. Our national security infrastructure, as represented by the President, apparently, did not know that. Mr. President, it’s not an organization it’s an ideology!

We are to the point where no one with even a passing knowledge of unemployment reporting takes the unemployment rate seriously anymore. Workforce participation is at its lowest level in recent memory, about six in ten workers. 37% of Millennials are living with their parents, a vast majority of job creation is part time, and there is much, much, more of that to come. Recent GDP performance averages just over 1% and corporate cash on balance sheets is going to stay right where it is.

Inflation is under control, unless you find yourself buying food or fuel.

The new Iranian President is a ‘moderate’. Don’t believe it, all the evidence points to a continuation of Iranian policy, new President notwithstanding. Any who look to the Iranian President as an opportunity to break the nuclear deadlock simply do not understand the Iranian political landscape.

It took the President quite a long time to figure out that a Russian Summit was not a good idea. Most of the country knew it well ahead of the President.

That august body that passed ObamaCare does not want to be included in the fun and have excluded themselves from its joyous requirements and benefits. Tells us everything we need to know about the inherent sense of integrity in Congress.