Benghazi In Outline

Those old enough to remember, recall that Watergate was an every day, all day issue for month upon month. In the beginning both the Washington Post and the N.Y. Times were sniffing it. The Post got ‘Deep Throat’ to guide their investigative leap forward. Soon, the entire journalistic community was fully engaged, such as that community was at the time. WoodStein got ahead of it and, broke the critical connections; “follow the money” said, Deep Throat. They did good work; good enough to bring down a President. A ‘third rate’ burglary and the associated cover up looks like small potatoes today.

A year after Benghazi some Liberal commentators are just beginning to say; “well, there might just be something here, it might not be phony.” Sharyl Atkisson of CBS and Fox News has been on it since the beginning, along with Conservative commentators. Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia smelled a rat early on and led the charge for an independent investigation which he is still in pursuit of.

When you step back and look at the outline of issues, stories and untruths about Benghazi, there is clearly a story to be told. Context tells the story.

There are questions about the competence of the people in the Command chain, what exactly happened, at whose orders and how political was the decision to let people die. Both the CIA station and the military in Tripoli got stand down orders. How is it that two different agencies with two different chains of command got the same order to their people at approximately the same time? Who is capable of that?

Ambassador Stephens was in an American facility in a Muslim country that had just gone through a civil war. The facility was clearly not anywhere near State Department standards for security. In fact, security, against the advice of the professionals, was reduced and put in the hands of a group that has ‘Martyrs Brigade” in their title. This administration is adept at identifying Tea Party and Conservative groups but ‘Martyrs Brigade’ didn’t ring a bell.

I will, in a moment of insincere generosity, accept the possibility that we could not have gotten assets to Benghazi in time to have changed the outcome. We could, however, have gotten there in time to chase down the people who attacked the Consulate and bring them to the same manner of justice that they applied at the Consulate.

Greg Hicks had the courage to speak up; bore the insulting behavior he was subjected to by the institution he had dedicated his professional life to, at no small personal risk and expense. To my knowledge, nothing Mr. Hicks testified to have been refuted. The administration is playing for time. Time appears to be all they have.

The talking points were flat out lies, manufactured in support of a false narrative, critical to a Presidential campaign. The President and Secretary of State, already knowing full well, the factual basis of the Benghazi attack looked into the eyes of loved ones as the bodies were brought back home and swore vengeance on …………… a film maker, a bad film maker, the maker of a film nearly no one had seen. Susan Rice was no more than a sacrifice to a Presidential campaign. Susan Rice was never the issue. However, to this day, no one has been finally identified as having altered the talking points. We know they were altered we have the chronology evidenced by the e-mail. We do not know who made the final call. John Brennan, now head of CIA, is the most likely suspect.

The State Department clamed up and, finally, sent the badly injured Secretary Clinton to Congress; “what does it matter”, she screeched. Mrs. Clinton reminded us all of how she sounds under stress, and when forced to deal with those considered unfit to question her; Congress in this case.

Because the media has not ‘dived in’, a’la Watergate, because resources have not been allocated it’s been drip, drip, drip. The parents and loved ones of the dead, refuse to go away, God bless them. The survivors ‘disappeared’ some time ago, Congress could not find them; they are now beginning to appear; drip, drip, drip.

We see circumstantial evidence that weapons recovered in Libya were being transshipped to Syria by way of Turkey. Hmmmm.

Was the attack actually supposed to be a kidnapping, generating a trade of Ambassador Stephens for the Blind Sheik? President Morsi had already asked for the Blind Sheik to be released and there were reports from Libya intimating President Morsi was behind the attack, unproven but persistent.

Long ago the N.Y. Times interviewed an individual, likely involved in the attack as he sipped a strawberry frappe on the patio of a Benghazi Café. Everything in this interview was between the lines, by design. If you know the code, the message was; ‘screw you, what are you going to do about it?”

We learn that there were a lot more American intelligence assets on the ground than we were led to initially believe. No, no look over here, it was the video!

A senior military officer in the Benghazi chain of command ‘went missing’, retired in March said the Army; don’t know where he is, off the grid. Oops, wait a minute, he’s not retired, still on active duty and has now been found, and testified before a Congressional committee.

It just get’s deeper. Reports allude State Department employees that survived Benghazi have been hidden, given aliases. Who knew the State Department had their very own Witness Protection Program.

Benghazi survivors at the State Department are receiving, courtesy of their employer, ‘fresh, new’ non disclosure agreements. Step away folks, nothing to see here, it just a phony scandal. That’s why everyone needs to be sequestered.

The people in the hole will not relinquish their shovels. Reports related to the intelligence community have certain people, who may have been in and around Benghazi around Sept 11th, 2012, getting polygraph exams every month, typically polygraphs are given every five years; public record. The fear that these participants and survivors will talk to someone is the only plausible explanation.

It becomes simple in the final analysis. Does it smell bad? Can you create a trail of logic supported by what has actually happened? The answer to that question is; yes, it looks like a massive cover up. If just half of the aforementioned is true, what is plausible? If you accept all of it the administration’s many and varied positions are completely implausible. Greg Hicks saw it coming. What happened, by the way, to Greg Hicks?

If we we’re justifiably exorcised over Watergate or Iran-Contra or Monica; why not Benghazi? This administration has not even been subtle. False talking points guaranteed to be struck down, demotions of key personnel, intimidation and attempts to gag the involved parties based on a threat to their careers does not pass the small test!

It was Democrats and Republicans that went to Richard Nixon to finally convince him that the game was over; resign or be impeached. I’m not suggesting impeachment but I am suggesting that Benghazi will follow the Watergate path, not because the media wants to do a good job, but because they won’t want to be left behind.