Randomizing; August 2nd, 2013

We have been warned; Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, George Orwell and many others. These were thinkers, Men and Women capable of absorbing the present in the context of history and painting the picture of our possible future. They attempted to show us so that we could avoid it. We are not avoiding it! We are embracing it; IRS, NSA, corruption, regulation, law by Judicial fiat, political correctness, phony scandals, the EPA; entire industries come under attack. The constant nudge that limits freedom, in the interest of a phantom egalitarianism; we were warned! The warning is simple; never give in to the subtle march of totalitarianism! The future is bleak where freedoms lie in waste.

The Clintons are upset that the Weiner’s have adopted their strategy; really? Or do they cringe at every evolution that reminds them of exactly what the strategy was and how it reflected on them? The new ‘Monica’ tape recordings can’t be helping much. The strategy was simple really, Hillary, stands by her man, in the interest of her and their collective future. The second pillar was a mobilization of the media to argue that it was “just sex”, “everyone lies about sex”. The Weiner’s have avoided the third pillar, so far; lying under oath. One can only imagine the pressure being brought to bear on Mr. Weiner by the Clintonistas.

Every party, Democrat, Republican, the Legalize Pot Party and the 50 other ‘3rd Parties argue amongst themselves. The only difference is that for one party it’s a War, for the other its proactive engagement. Diversity is good, so long as the Republicans aren’t engaging in it.

Gandhi was quoted as having said; “first they ignore you, then they attack you and then you win.” Gandhi’s power was the simple power of immovable morality. Agree or disagree, his morality formed a context for everything he said and everything he did. He courted death to put an end to violence. There is a lesson here for Conservatives.

Beware the purveyors of division. In the reality of day to day life the vast majority of us get along for the most part, talent and commitment overcomes gender, color and orientations. We ARE well ahead of the likes of Sharpton and Jackson. We are well ahead of the President. Do problems remain; of course, to deny that we have reached a 100% solution is disingenuous and defies intellectual integrity. But to presume that it’s all the same as it was in 1962 is also intellectually disingenuous; profitable to some but disingenuous. To define racism as an essential, immutable function of birth is to make the argument that we are incapable of managing behaviors engaging in serious consideration. We should reject that idea or racism is a permanent legacy incapable of evolving solutions. That would make the Reverend’s Al and Jessie very happy!

The Rasmussen tracking poll has the President at his lowest approval rating since September showing a seven point gap between overall approval and disapproval and an approval rating of -17; probably phony numbers!

The new EPA administrator will campaign on the idea that reducing carbon emissions, regardless of cost is good for the economy. Madam, can we have your numbers please? We need the analysis because 56% of Americans say less regulation and more competition is better for the economy. Take out the 25% fringe on the left and that a pretty high percentage of non Moonbat Americans

“Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss”; the Who. Here comes the new jobs plan, same as the old jobs plan; the President.