The Speech I’d Like To Hear From The Speaker

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The President and his people have spoken of looking forward to a fight over the next continuing resolution to fund the federal government. The President apparently relishes these fights and is confident that I and my party will end up being blamed. If that is to be the case, so be it.

We in the House will not, I repeat will not approve ongoing funding of ObamaCare. The Republican opposition to ObamaCare four years ago was nearly unanimous. We warned, you that the promises being made could not be kept. We tried to communicate that to you that costs would go up not down, that is what has happened. We told you that to essentially nationalize the health industry was a bridge too far, beyond the government’s ability manage it. Now we know that despite four years to prepare the Obama administration can do nothing but delay. We need to be clear on the delays, there are two reasons; the inability of the administration to actually implement their own bill and the fact that they know should implementation proceed it will have a negative effect on Democratic prospects in the 2014 election. That should be evidence enough to tell you that this is a bad bill. You may recall that the bill was delayed in its initial commencement so that it would not affect the 2012 elections and here we are again.

You will remember that the administration and its supporters were hell bent on covering the 30 million uninsured. Recently the CBO reported that even under ObamaCare there will still be 30 million uninsured. What have we gained? We’ve gained nothing except for a law that is depressing individuals earning potential as their hours are cut back to avoid the requirements of the law, we have a law that was incomprehensible to the average person, now however average people are beginning to see what the impact on them will be and they have turned against the bill. Unions who were at the forefront of ObamaCare support are now rejecting it as they now know what’s in the bill. Businesses will not hire due to uncertainty and incomprehensibility, the uninsured numbers remain where they were before. Doctors are fleeing their profession. Your insurance costs are skyrocketing.

Most importantly Americans are coming to see eye to eye with why Republicans opposed the bill. Now, your dissatisfaction grows, uncertainty grows, the people who convinced you what wonderful legislation this would be cannot figure out how to implement it. They know you’re going to hate if more and more as time goes on; It’s too big, it’s too intrusive and above all it’s too expensive. We Republicans knew it was too expensive, we told you that. Our Democratic colleagues told you it would save you money. It has not as insurance premiums have risen each year and will continue to do so. There was much that they didn’t tell you and if you dislike what is happening now just wait, there is more to come; more regulation, more uncertainty, more centralized decision making about your individual health care, 23 new taxes for you to pay. And we’ll still have 30 million uninsured.

If the President wants to join with us to fix this horrific piece of legislation we are prepared to do so. If he wants a fight he will get that too. We are telling you, the American public, the President and the Senate that we will not fund ObamaCare as part of the next continuing resolution. It must be fixed or repealed.

That means that we will likely come to a showdown. We may have to shut down the government to accomplish this goal. We are prepared to do so. We have time to fix this we must fix this. This legislation impacts every single American, overwhelmingly Americans in ever greater numbers want it repealed or fixed. WE REPUBLICANS AGREE WITH YOU! We are the only party that agrees with you. The President and a dwindling number of Democrats tell you that all is well; it’s fine, right on track. We all know now that it is not on track and that the attempt to mislead you has begun again, just like you were misled about the original legislation.

The simple fact is that we either stop ObamaCare now or we may never be able to stop it. Your costs will continue to go up, your care will suffer, you may not be able to keep your doctor, your doctor may decide he doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore; more and more taxes will be attached to all manner of regulation to fund it. We will soon be in too deep to crawl out of the hole and we will be stuck with the worst, most expensive piece of legislation that we’ve see in decades. And still 30 million will be uninsured.

So if it takes shutting down the government to get the attention of the President and his allies, so be it. It is very simply that important. Republicans will not abandon their courage; they will not base their votes on the next election. If we need to go down over a fight, this is the fight to have. This is a fight on your behalf, we will refuse to let the minority dictate to the majority.

The majority of you want nothing to do with ObamaCare. The majority of you see the situation getting much worse with very little optimism for it getting better. We are prepared to fight this fight on your behalf, we are hopeful of your support and patience.
To each of you, allow me to say in closing that Republicans in the House are your only ally. We are your only option if you want ObamaCare repealed or fixed.