President Morsi Of Egypt Is Important

President Morsi demonstrated exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood or Muslim Brotherhood surrogates will govern. He demonstrated that radical ideology; as is the case with battle plans, seldom survives encounter with genuine opposition. President Morsi attempted to stack the Supreme Court of Egypt, remove potential political resistance within the Military; he attempted to subvert the new Constitution in favor of the Brotherhood’s interpretation of Sharia and ignored variant points of view. Some democracy! He questioned the validity of the treaty with Israel, adopted standard Islamist language regarding Jews (Apes and Pigs) and allowed resupply of Hamas in Gaza.

President Morsi stood aside as Christians were persecuted and their churches burned. He had no response as Al Qaeda affiliates set up shop in the Sinai. Self appointed enforcers of Sharia, taking their cue from Iran and Saudi Arabia, roamed the streets applying they’re immediate and brutal judgment of compliance with Sharia; no push back from the Morsi government.

In other words, it was a classroom in the application of classic Fascism.

The Egyptian economy, already on life support, crashed. Egyptians of financial substance headed for the exits. Tourism crashed and Morsi appeared to be not the least bit concerned beyond feckless rhetoric.

This is what you get when hard core Islamists come to power, right there before our eyes.

The Obama administration attempted to convince President Morsi to moderate his positions in order to survive politically. To have taken that step the administration had to be fully aware of where Morsi was attempting to take Egypt and what consequences lay ahead. The Egyptian people were not the concern; the justification of Obama’s policy was the chief concern. In response President Morsi hit them in the forehead with the sole of his shoe. The goal was totalitarian control. The Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood demands totalitarian control, just one little problem; the Egyptian people, well experienced with Dictatorships, saw what was coming and rejected it. Egyptians saw what was not coming; a stable, growing economy and opportunity.

The Obama administration has lost all credibility with the Egyptian people as his Ambassador ruminated on non democratic approaches perhaps being best for the time being. The Obama administration was for Mubarak, before they were against him. They were for Morsi before they began to equivocate as their attempts to modify Morsi’s anti-democratic policies failed miserably. The administration was not offended, just concerned that their policy would be exposed for what it is, incomprehensibly short sighted, willfully blind and naïve.