The Return Of Jim Crow?

Democrats and devotees of the ‘racism industry’ are having great difficulty with the Supreme Court’s Voting Act ruling: “the return of Jim Crow, a major setback, a dagger to the heart of voting rights.”

It’s hard to imagine that any rational, reasonable person regardless of affiliation would agree with the underlying premise. The premise being that in the last 50 years our society has made not one ounce of progress; no change in American society, no change in mores, no change in behaviors, no change in the conditions under which Blacks participate in the electoral process.

Was there a rational for the Voting Rights Act in the first place; absolutely! Is this a return to Jim Crow; no way! Jim Crow is one of those terms thrown around in upset in the wake of the Supreme’s ruling. The term reflects a series of laws across a number of states were government sponsored; racial segregation was embodied in the laws of those states. That underpinning, in support of the need for the Voting Rights Act is simply no longer what it once was; not even close.

Ironically, Democrats, horrified at the Court’s decision are most often involved in voter fraud and the institutional sponsorship of voter fraud. If Google searches are any indication, search ‘pending cases of voter fraud, Democrats’ you get 8,600,000 hits. Replace Democrat with Republican and the number is 2,900,000. Democrats own 75% of the Google voter fraud hits. When looking at pending fraud cases ARORN is prevalent as is a Democratic Secretary of State. Virginia and Maryland have pending cases that involve Democratic elected officials. These are the same folks that don’t want voter ID laws on the books; it’s racist!

It gets worse; in 1982 the RNC, inexplicably, agreed to a consent decree in a case brought by the DNC regarding intimidation of minority voters in New Jersey. The GOP was barred from “undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial of ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision or conduct” …. of elections. In other words the RNC was barred from fighting back against voter fraud, were they to do so, RNC officials would find themselves held in contempt of court.

The pathway to fraud was open and the Democratic Party merrily skipped down the path without fear of opposition. That decision is, finally, making its way to the Supreme Court and the decision on the Voting Rights Act could set the stage for a similar decision regarding that consent decree. Would that be Jim Crow in reverse?

The real upset, I suspect, is that the Federal Government’s role in the election process is now diminished and the process has been returned to the states. Any reduction of Federal power is the real ‘dagger’ to the hearts of the Democratic faithful.