Next Up; Climate Change

The President’s next big thing is Climate Change. Guess he got bored with nuclear disarmament; nuclear disarmament is ‘so last week’! Stay tuned, word is the President is going to execute his Climate Change attack based on Executive Orders. If you have any coal stock left, sell now!

Polls intended to represent the relative importance of issues consistently relegate Global Warming, oops Climate Change to the low end of the scale, Climate Change is overwhelmed by economic concerns. Recent data from satellite observations indicates there has been no warming over the past 16 years. The 30 year total based on revised assumptions put the warming at 0.2 degrees, significantly less that early models predicted. The Journal Nature Geoscience involved scientists from 14 institutions; they calculated that the more extreme climate change was now significantly less likely after taking into account slower warming over the past decade.

In an interview with the German news publication Der Spiegel, meteorologist Hans van Storch said that scientists are so puzzled by the 15-year standstill in global warming that if the trend continues their models could be “fundamentally wrong! (Could be?); von Storch went on to say that “if things continue as they have been in five years, at the latest, we will need to acknowledge that something is fundamentally wrong with our climate models.”

Scientists, when pressed, will admit that they have not identified the full scope of natural cycles. Forbes reports that only 36% of Geoscientists and Engineers believe humans are creating the global warming ‘crisis’ (Organization Studies). That would indicate that 64% believe that natural cycles are in play and the dominant factor. The last significant warming period in history predated extensive use of fossil fuels.

So the President blunders on, hopeful that he can re-excite a base seriously put off by the NSA revelations that prove the President took the hated Bush infrastructure and expanded it. He never expected to win Conservatives; polling of Independents is on a severe downhill slide for the President at the moment based on the scandals in progress and foreign policy slap downs that continue apace. The Green Left may be all he has left.

But why? Why now?

The President’s beloved green energy initiatives have failed, the quickest way to make them more attractive is to attack carbon based energy sources with harsher regulation making carbon based energy yet more expensive. Rising carbon prices are currently the only immediate path to making green solutions look more economic by comparison; winners and losers on steroids.

Remember Van Jones? His plan was to use green initiatives as a vehicle for wealth redistribution and social justice. United Nations efforts were aimed at the same thing on a global basis. Kyoto was rejected by the two most significant producers of carbon emissions per capita: China and India based on their analysis that Kyoto would ruin their economies.

The will be no Keystone Pipeline, Bush era authorities for energy exploration on government lands has been cut back aggressively, for the second time; coal has already suffered greatly and oil company profits are under attack nearly as soon as they are published, ignoring the fact that the government makes more on a gallon of gas than the producers. The President will deploy the powers of the Executive in pursuit, not of greater good, but in pursuit of a solidified political base.

The President will, once again, disregard the key issues of the day in search of ideological salvation and something………..anything to get back on track. This won’t do it, the Tuesday speech will make it worse demanding something……….anything to get back on track. The President is running out of options considering that the truth appears to be off the table.