Tora, Tora, Tora

The President’s polling numbers are starting to fall, Quinnipiac reports that the ‘trust’ ratings have fallen significantly. I’m just wondering, how that could be true?

The IRS targeted Conservative groups. The motivation, yet undiscovered could have been the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court that unleashed the potential for political speech that the administration found unacceptable as evidenced by the President’s public castigation of the ruling during his State of the Union speech. Dog whistle? The administration having lost in court decided to deal with it another way; harassment by the IRS, DOJ, FBI, OSHA and ATF. The IRS scandal is certainly over reach by the agency but the motivation appears to be an effort to inhibit the rights of Americans to participate in the political process. In the end it’s about voter suppression and ‘managing’ the electoral process to the benefit of one political party. It is the same attitude that insured no accountability for the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia.

Those of us who have engaged conversation with committed liberals over the years for the purpose of learning what they really believe (it’s called the ‘Mickey the Dunce tactic, you feign interest and just keep asking leading questions) know that the ‘real’ attitude toward Israel is not one of support as Israel is viewed as the key problem. The President’s behavior related to Israeli leaders was the dog whistle that motivated the IRS to attack pro Israeli groups as well as Conservative groups.

Benghazi, to any reasonably well educated point of common sense analysis, is a serious cover up. We know of only one point of contact with the President after his 5PM meeting that day, that being a call with Secretary Clinton. It’s clear based on what actually happened that they were not trying to figure out how to save the lives of those in jeopardy. Shortly after that call the first ‘video’ apology came from the Secretary. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

The critical selling points of ObamaCare: keep it if you like it, costs curve will bend down, we’ll insure everyone are given lie on a nearly daily basis. The process is bureaucratic, the costs have and will continue to go up, you may not be able to keep your insurance and one CBO report has the same number of uninsured at the end of the process as we had when we started this process; 30 million.

The IRS Director was at the White House more often than any of the President’s Cabinet Members; “nope, never discussed the targeting.” Dozens of letters from Members of Congress, “nope never discussed it with the White House!” Mr. Shulman lied to Congress in a declaratory fashion; ‘nope, not happening, no targeting”. Lois Lerner takes the 5th; the Inspector General fails to convert the audit to an investigation upon finding wrong doing. Move on folks nothing to see here! Deposit your common sense in that trash can by the door and move on.

Shortly after signing into law the ‘Whistle Blowers Protection Act’ the President also ordered the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of Personnel Management to institute rules that would give federal agencies the power to fire certain classes of employees without appeal, contrary to Civil Service Law protections.

The DOJ lied to someone regarding the James Rosen investigation. They either lied to Congress or they lied to the Judge that approved the warrant. The FBI report stated clearly that Mr. Rosen had the potential for “criminal liability”.

Despite all of the goings on, the Obama’s are still on the fund raising trail. “Max out” cries Michelle at private fund raisers in NYC. “Return balance” to government cries the President on behalf of OFA. They are either tone deaf, greedy, arrogant beyond measure or, I hate to say it, comprehensively stupid. In my experience arrogance combined with stupidity never seems to work out!

The Sequester message was dire. The FAA would be landing 737’s in corn fields, riots in the streets, bad food product, disease, pestilence! On and on it went; to the average person there really was nothing to see here.

The least of the scandals is the AP phone taps but may turn out to be the most damaging as the media has, for just the moment, woken up to the fact that, friend or foe means nothing to this administration. It was all about chilling the two sides of the journalistic trade the procuring of information, often from live sources and the reporting of information unflattering to the administration which the AP did not do a lot of.

The Department of The Interior is issuing new fracking regulations when that regulatory responsibility has been with the States since the 1920’s. No Keystone pipeline, coal under attack, fracking under attack. In this case, at least, the President has indeed been good to his word as you are stuck with the new normal, $3.50 a gallon gas and increases in home heating costs across the board.

There is much more that could be highlighted. There is no doubt that the White House staff will fall on their collective swords before putting the President in jeopardy on these issues. There is also the question of what kind of management and administrative culture the President motivated. That question can be answered with clarity; tora, tora, tora.