What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

John McCain secretly flies to Syria, to promote his version of the correct foreign policy choice. As he’s leaving, the al Nusra Front, the largest and most violent of the Syrian rebel groups attacks a Christian village, slaughter follows. Senator McCain, there are no longer any good guys in this situation; please sit down and shut up!

The EU ends the arms embargo to the Syrian rebels. They want to put pressure on Assad to motivate a negotiated settlement to the conflict. But, the EU also says they won’t ‘actually’ be sending arms, at least not for a few months. So; Assad should be worried about what? The EU decision will likely motivate Assad to step up offensive actions against the rebels in advance of the EU ‘actually’ sending arms. Memo to the EU, the Iranians, Russians, Turks and the Saudi’s are already delivering arms.

The President has opted for Eric Holder to investigate Eric Holder; what could possibly go wrong even in the context of Mr. Holder’s new found ‘growing regret’. But wait, all will be well. Mr. Holder will meet with media executives. As Megyn Kelly describes it; “Mr. Holder will ask the media for advice as to how they can help him protect themselves from Mr. Holder.” You just can’t make this up.

Special Prosecutors are not the answer to the current scandals. The appointment of a Special Prosecutor will serve to take the scandals off the front pages of newspapers and blog sites for months on end. Select Committees are the answer, one each: IRS, DOJ and Benghazi. That should satisfy the territorial inclinations of the various committee chairpersons. Congressman Frank Wolf made the initial call for a Select Committee regarding Benghazi in December of 2012 and has north of 140 co-sponsors in the House. This is the correct answer! These scandals are in large measure political and should be met with a political solution.

Days after the horrific beheading in London, using Alahu Akbar as its soundtrack, a British Citizen is arrested for making negative comments about Islam. My British friends and their traditional social mores are circling the drain and seem incapable of hearing the flush.

Sweden suffers days of rioting. As is the case in France the news media reported that ‘youths’ were involved; hooligans. The fact is that it was Muslim youths. In France, Sweden and throughout Europe it is literally against the law to identify Muslim youths as …… Muslim youths! The N.Y. Times, reporting on the riots referred to the perpetrators as ‘young immigrants’. Despite major riots in Paris in 2005 and London in 2011, and despite the well known participants, political correctness prevails; what could possibly go wrong? The response from leaders in Sweden is that same old saw, Socio Economic disenfranchisement. Disenfranchisement is the strategy for Muslim immigrants, it is un-Islamic to accept Western systems and culture, and you can hear it every week in Mosques throughout Europe. As reported by Bruce Bauer, how lived in Northern Europe for a number of years and is the author of “While Europe Slept”, the most popular T shirt amongst Muslim ‘youths’ is “2025; we’ll be in charge by then”.

After the second time President Obama threw Las Vegas under the bus costing Las Vegas over 300 meetings and conventions, Las Vegas’ long time mayor Oscar Goodman commented in abject frustration; “The President is a slow learner”. Mayor Goodman appears to be correct. The President’s administration is mired in the management of three major scandals each of which carries political overtones. But he signs an e-mail from Organizing for America begging for contributions to “restore the balance of power in government”. The President urges; “Let’s finish what we started”. What could possibly go wrong?