The President wants the FBI to investigate the IRS. We’ve already deployed one arm of the process that is supposed to guarantee fair treatment, the Inspector General. The IG has carefully detailed that he was not conducting an investigation, just an audit to determine whether there had been wrongdoing.

The IG, however, has also testified that he is empowered to commence an investigation; he did not do so in spite of an ‘audit’ that was sufficient to certify wrong doing. Why not? The IG knew that something was rotten in Denmark, why did he not immediately convert the audit to an investigation? The IG’s credibility, or at the very least, his judgment, is in serious question. The IG is a man, apparently, struggling between his duty and his political predilection, we can’t afford that struggle at this point in time and part of the fault for where we are belongs to the IG and his failure to commence an investigation under the weight of the evidence he reviewed.

Lois Lerner, she of; “I didn’t do anything wrong” was asked to resign and refused to do so. A fair assumption is that she did do something wrong. She gets a paid vacation and an all expense paid trip back to the Oversight and Reform Committee. Lois likely has the goods on higher ups as a long time Democratic apparatchik and she’s not going to want to take the fall. It’s not difficult to project that Lois wants a deal in exchange for what she knows. Don’t give it to her! Frog march each and every involved party at the IRS, regardless of relative position to the Hill to testify. Every single person who signed one of the now famous ‘tell me how you pray’ letters should be a part of the investigation. Those folks who took the orders are the weak link and the weak link should be attacked.

IRS, no credibility! IG, no credibility!

The President wants an investigation by the FBI? The FBI hooked up with the IRS to put a fine point on the harassment. The FBI is Eric Holder’s personal plantation and we should demand to know how it is that the IRS, FBI, EPA, OSHA and ATF all managed to come down on the same folks armed with specific information that they should not have had to begin with! Who requested the investigations and how was probable cause determined? How is it that ATF shows up to investigate a firearms manufacturing operation that does not manufacture firearms?

The only way the protect the White House is to farm out the investigation to the FBI of Eric Holder where this investigation will be as compelling as, oh I don’t know, maybe the Black Panther investigation in Philadelphia where video tape was insufficient to indicate wrong doing.

FBI, no credibility!

The Justice Department seems intent on two basic policies; ignoring the presence of a crime for political reasons; the Black Panthers. Or, identifying a crime and then setting out to find a perpetrator; in this case, Fox’s James Rosen.

DOJ, no credibility!

There is an infection that has revealed its symptoms in at least five government agencies. There is a point of commonality not yet discovered. The equation is simple, how is it that five agencies descend on specific individuals who made application to the IRS for exempt status. That information, that targeting, by multiple agencies HAD to be coordinated. Where? Was it Union leadership that has a role in setting policy at the IRS and may have ‘just happened’ to pass the information along to other Union leaders. The role of the Union at the IRS will be another scandal when the full scope of Union involvement in IRS policy and procedure becomes common knowledge. We know that a senior union operative was present during parts of the ‘audit’? Was it IRS executives? Was it the White House or their campaign staff? No matter where you look for that answer you find the infection. They all answered the Dog Whistle, sounded by Presidential demonization of Americans. That list is five years long.

The administration has by way of attempting to cover up the true nature of what happened has only made it worse, as it typically the case. Messrs Miller and Shulman parsed their responses to the point of incredulity as did the IG on occasion. Shulman at the White House over 100 times; nope never discussed it. Lois can’t even plead the 5th effectively because she just has to proclaim her innocence.

This all connects to the President’s reelection. It’s political and the unproved by apparent goal was to stifle opposition, make it impossible for them to raise money, silence dissenting voices and to punish those who are so bold as to involve themselves in the political process.

This is the American version of a move toward ‘Smiley Faced Totalitarianism.’ This is, as was Watergate, an opportunity to push back……………..HARD!