Excuses Give Lie To The Premise

The current collection of scandals will and have led people to the fundamental perception that government has simply gotten too big and too intrusive. Recent polls reflect this opinion. The reality is that power, centralized power, is again and again proven to be the vehicle for targeted justice, specific to political orientation; both sides guilty to varying degrees. The Liberal/Progressive argument is that ever larger government is a force for good; for leveling the playing field, for eliminating injustice. The Liberal/Progressive vision that ‘experts’ are best equipped to guide you through your life is being given lie. The ‘experts’ on display in these scandals don’t know anything, or they do and they’re not talking. Either option represents a comprehensive failure.

Congressional hearings currently underway are the best evidence. The senior management of the IRS did not really know what was going on with the tax exempt application approvals. Despite the weight of evidence we have in front of us now, the contention remains that it was not political. No one in the senior executive ranks knew anything………about anything, despite an uproar in Congress. The argument highlighted by Messrs Miller and Shulman in addition to what little Ms. Lerner had to say, point to the size of the agency. The senior management of the Treasury Department is similarly clueless. Mr.Wolin, Asst. Treasury Secretary said in nearly the same breath that Treasury takes an essentially hands off management style related to the IRS and then identifies the need for effective management and oversight. Mr. Wolin; we’re begging you; pick one! Wait, wait there’s more. Holly Paz, Director of Exempt Organizations, rulings and agreements told the Oversight Committee that in addition to the Inspector General the IRS commenced its own internal investigation regarding political targeting. And yet, no one in the senior ranks knows anything. Perhaps that investigation is why Ms. Lerner invoked the 5th Amendment?

Congress generated 132 letters to the IRS related to political targeting. Mr. Shulman, the IRS Commissioner recalls two. “We ship them to the Congressional Relations shop”, says Mr. Shulman. He goes on; “I don’t think they were all directed to me, specifically”. In other words a groundswell of questions in Congress was insufficient to garner Mr. Shulman’’ attention.

Ms. Lerner engages the same ‘down the rabbit hole’ logic by offering an opening statement where she contends that she did nothing wrong, nothing illegal and is proud of her government service. She then takes the 5th giving some degree of lie to her original contention. We accept her right under the Constitution to refuse to incriminate herself. We do so faced with the strong likelihood that she denied rights to others.

The Justice Department is targeting the Press in a big way. AP’s President is up in arms, Sharyl Attkisson thinks her computer has been hacked and James Rosen is under investigation. Again, no one really knows anything material to the question at hand. It is apparently okay with Justice to go so far as to sweep up the phone records of Mr. Rosen’s parents. Mr. Rosen is also categorized, for the first time in anyone’s memory, as a co-conspirator for attempting to pursue information! Mr. Holder doesn’t know who did it! He rescued himself, but consistent to everything we’ve heard, no one knew about that recusal in any official or documentary manner. This effort by The Justice Department would indicate that they are incapable of investigating leaks absent tapping the media for the information they are incapable of gathering themselves. Experts indeed!

Benghazi saw two separate ‘stand down’ orders through two different chains of command. Nope, no one knows anything. With the exception of Mr. Hicks and the gentlemen that appeared with him last week, no one has a narrative that fully fits the facts. The people who do know: Messrs. Panetta, Petraeus, Secretary Clinton, the President’s National Security infrastructure, and General Hamm aren’t talking………yet. The President disappears; no one knows where he is or what he’s doing. Rumor has it that General Hamm was prepared to disobey the stand down order until faced with the proposition of being relieved on the spot. CIA employees did ignore the stand down order. We don’t really know why Ambassador Stephens was in Benghazi, meeting with a Turkish official, in an insecure condition where nothing happened until the Turk left the scene. Why was the Turkish official in Benghazi? Nope, no one knows anything about that. The looming connection is that the Ambassador was there to coordinate weapons transfers to the Syrian rebels, an issue he had been involved in on an ongoing basis.