Political Tourrette Syndrome, Attorney General Schultz And Minimalism

Apparently Mr. Holder prepared for his hearing by watching old episodes of Hogan’s Heroes. “I know nothing, nothing” says Attorney General Schultz regarding the AP phone taps. Mr. Holder an attorney and long time player in government agencies has come up with a brand new way to CYA; don’t! Don’t paper the recusal from the investigation, no notice, no advisory e-mail, just a verbal ‘I recuse myself’. We are asked to believe that the Attorney General did not understand the need to communicate a critical decision and to cover himself with some manner of documentation? Mr. Holder apparently does not know anything including which Deputy did execute the surveillance of the AP although it was the Deputy’s fault. Amazing what Mr. Holder doesn’t know.

The President fired the IRS Commissioner Stephen Miller, the guy due to leave next month anyway. Take that!!! Wait, wait; he’s actually going to hang around awhile to “manage the transition” and to appear before a Congressional hearing on Friday. Will Mr. Miller go quietly? Does Mr. Miller have a ‘deal’? The President did the absolute minimum he could get away with, it buys him a day or two, but that’s all. Not the best crisis management skills we’ve ever seen.

The President, in addressing the IRS, once again, ignited politics by warning people (Republicans) not to be political. The President apparently suffers from some rare form of political Tourettes Syndrome as he simply cannot stop himself from warning others off politics as he engages in it himself. The President signaled the possible point of defense for IRS actions; “ambiguity in the law.” The Bill of Rights is fairly clear, Free Speech, Freedom of Association; ambiguity?

The President, as he so often does, allows himself to be defined by what he will not do. In this case no independent investigations were announced in any of the three scandals now facing the administration. The irony is that we have a government under assault for, at the lowest common denominator, the lack of a moral center, unlawful wielding of political power and exceptionally poor judgment preparing to investigate itself once again. Oh no, we can’t talk about it, it’s an ongoing investigation. A couple more investigations and Mr. Carney will be saved from himself as everything will be under investigation and nothing can be spoken of. If the President, as he says, finds the IRS situation “inexcusable and intolerable” sending anyone other than a special prosecutor to address it lacks the essential credibility that is in question to begin with.

If the President was looking for a Michael Douglass; “I am the American President” moment, he fell a little short!

The President is also hanging on to some of the Benghazi fictions. He continues to repeat aspects of the situation that have already either been disproven or, at the very least, cast in extreme doubt. The President said yesterday that the State Department ARB (Accountability Review Board) looked into “every element” of the Benghazi tragedy. Ambassador Pickering says they did not look into all aspects of Benghazi, including the ‘talking points’.

Ah, yes,the release of the Benghazi talking point e-mails. The most telling aspect of the e-mails is that as the process went on, no one stood up and reminded everyone in the chain that they had wandered so far as to not be in touch with the truth anymore. Friday at 3:00PM from HPSCI; “We do know that Islamic extremists with ties to al Qaeda participated in the attack” We also have additional proof that the attack on Benghazi was to be dealt with in the context of a crime. An e-mail from the CIA General Counsel warns that they have “express instructions from the National Security Council, the Department of Justice and the FBI not to generate statements with assessments as to who did this, in light of the criminal investigation.”

Most of the President’s energy will, apparently, be directed at blaming others and castigating his political opposition. This is a losing strategy, the ‘blame game’ is getting tired, even to Democrats so says Kristen Powers. Hooray for political opposition, one can only imagine where we would be without it.