Someone To Fire

If you’ve been watching closely you know that Valerie Jarrett is the woman behind the curtain. She has positioned herself as, in essence, the Assistant President. She is the gate keeper, she is the hammer with no reluctance to engage in high stakes intimidation. She famously warned that once the President was reelected it was payback time, rewards for good behavior and punishment doled out to the opposition.

The White House Staff, reportedly, lives in fear of Ms. Jarrett being unhappy. She has the unfettered ear of both the President and First Lady. She is a fine demonstration of hard ball Chicago politics.

She was also totally unprepared to assume a role as the Presidents ‘go to’ advisor; no background in foreign affairs, no political experience outside the bounds of Chicago and no demonstrable leadership skills. What she is, is trusted by the President and First Lady.

The current scandals in progress might easily track back to her putting them firmly in the Oval Office. She has made enough people miserable that it is within the realm of possibility to assume that one of them may be prepared to drop a dime on her. The IRS has targeted Conservative groups as has the EPA. It’s starting to smell like a strategy that is either a conspiracy of intent or a gosh darn “I was told to do it” conspiracy.

The isolation of the President, so well orchestrated by Ms. Jarrett, has resulted in very little support from Democrats in Congress. It’s not only the Republicans that have been ‘frozen out’ of the Presidents attention. Many Democrats are now comfortable complaining about the same thing. Democrats have to distance themselves from both the IRS and AP and therefore from the President. The House faces an election in eighteen months as do some Senators, the absence of direct relationships and support from the Oval Office will make it easy for Democrats to put the next election ahead of the desires of a truly lame duck President which is what these scandals will result in. The President’s plan to use the 2014 election to leap back to his agenda with control of both houses of Congress is now DOA.

The Press, now finding themselves in the cross hairs, has finally woken up. Jay Carney has succeeded in making a fool of himself and ruining any credibility he may still have with the White House press corps. Brian Williams of NBC opened his news program with a comparison to Nixon. Maureen Dowd is all over Benghazi, and the EPA story has just started to see the light of day. Scott Pelly is talking about how many times the Press has gotten it wrong lately. Chip Reid took on Mr. Carney over the refusal to admit that the IRS confession represented an actual fact. Trey Hardin of ABC News says he has a ‘strong sense of certainty’ that West Wing staff was involved in IRS targeting. How long before we see the panel of ‘journalists’ on PBS engaging in their periodic self flagellation that knows neither bounds nor lessons learned.

Why the turnover in Chiefs of Staff at the White House? Likely, it’s the well reported Jack Boot style of Ms. Jarrett so intent on protecting the President that the very idea of something outside a hollow narrative is deemed unimportant.

The President doesn’t want to ‘rush to judgment! In a White House where there has been some sense of transparency or consistency we might take him seriously. The President, however, has had something to say about nearly everything, frequently absent facts. We all remember the ‘Beer Summit’. The President has also said during a radio address; “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide”.

Last week Greg Hicks told the truth and sent your administration into a serious spin that was badly mishandled. Rumor has it a CIA whistleblower is in line to do the same related to Benghazi.

Mr. President, do yourself a favor, fire Valerie Jarrett and get yourself a new team. Get a team that will be less concerned with protecting you and more concerned with confronting you. Keep in mind that if you choose to sacrifice underlings, they could and will turn on you. Ms. Jarrett is no doubt looking for the appropriate Lambs to sacrifice, if you want to save your bacon, she’s the one who should go.