Clearly Unclear

Alright people, let’s get off the Benghazi story because the President was clear yesterday. I quote the President; “What we have been very clear about throughout, was that immediately after this event had happened we were not clear who exactly had carried it out…….”

The President is making it clear that he was very clear about being unclear! This dissembling and lack of clarity is truly worthy of Bill Clinton. You see, there are no facts until ‘the investigation is complete’. But the investigations are never complete; therefore we have no ‘facts’! Ambassador Pickering did not find it necessary to speak with Secretary Clinton because he spoke to the people around her. Quite an investigative technique we’re applying here to get at the facts.

What the President was clear about, all the way through the return of the bodies and his address at the U.N. was that the damn video was to blame. The State Department ran advertising in Pakistan distancing itself from the video. The President should, at least, have been clear that a significant portion of the pundit class did not buy Susan Rice’s video excuse to begin with and that ongoing insistence on it signaled that ‘something was up’. The repetition of the falsehood simply made it worse.

The President’s staff had the original CIA advisory that it was terrorism and that is was Ansar al Sharia. They had the NSA intercepts from the participants in Benghazi. The Intelligence Community knew the name of the group involved in Benghazi; they knew who the leadership of that group was. The NY Times interviewed a key individual involved in Ansar al Sharia as he sat at a Café in Benghazi sipping a fruit Frappe, completely dismissive of the U.S. and in no apparent fear that he would face consequences. They knew the Libyan President called it terrorism, he as well, knew exactly who was involved. They knew that their ‘local security force’ in Benghazi had ties to terror organizations; the ‘Martyrs Brigade’ part of their name may have been a tip off! The administration had ongoing reports being processed through a variety of command and oversight structures the night of the attacks. Through it all, the President remained, clearly, ‘unclear’.

Perhaps had the President taken a little time to follow up during the evening, given that it was ‘clearly’ a life and death situation, he would have been able to achieve a small degree of clarity.

Fact is no one is buying the President’s spin or its incomprehensible repetition. Add to it the IRS, the Associated Press wiretap and Greg Hick’s testimony last week and the feet of clay are beginning to crumble before our very eyes.

The administration now faces the IRS scandal and the Associated Press wiretaps. The administration is managing to unite both opponents and supporters over these issues. Democrats must be wondering how far down the road they want to travel with the President. Senate Democrats have essentially killed gun legislation. Rep. Elijah Cummings’s opening statement at the Benghazi hearings last week were an embarrassment, not to mention insulting. Leader Pelosi’s statements result in derision on a continual basis. Three scandals and the attempts at cover up could easily impact the 2014 elections negatively for Democrats if they hang in there with President and the President loses all credibility, which he seems intent on doing.

This administration’s political strategy is well reported and focused on the 2014 mid-term elections. Re-taking the house would unleash the President’s Progressive agenda through the end of the President’s second term. One would have to consider that strategy in jeopardy to what has clearly evolved into an arrogance of power that dismisses outside ‘noise’ or criticism in favor of sycophantic support for the President’s every utterance.

Mr. President; are you having any second thoughts about Valerie Jarrett these days??