Benghazi And Journalism

We live in a journalistic world where the political orientation of ‘journalists’ can only be mitigated by overwhelming evidence provided by the same folks that they rhetorically spit on: Breitbart, Fox News and independent investigators. The singular main stream reporter on the story was Sharyl Attkisson of CBS; CBS will feature Benghazi on Face The Nation this Sunday, eight months late.

Despite all of what we’ve known about Benghazi and could postulate, the main stream media position was to either ignore it or trash the motives of the people who stayed with the story. It is now abundantly clear, even to the MSM, that the CIA, State Department and White House knew the truth of the situation nearly immediately. They’ve know the truth for a very long time. Administration dissembling has been, till now accepted and encouraged. The absence of truth telling by the administration and the media is the height of disrespect for those who died in Benghazi.

Yesterday I opined that Benghazi would only gain traction when and if the MSM was put in a position where they could simply not ignore it anymore. We have, to appearances, now reached that point; thanks, in the main, to Gregory Hicks and the courage of his commitment and convictions. If only his superiors shared his commitments. I would guess Greg Hicks could have been ‘kept under control’ by the State Department if they had just resisted the temptation to punish him. It’s pure Clinton!

What comes next? What comes next has already started. Leaked e-mail proves that the original talking points were revised a dozen times. Ms. Neuland, spokesperson at the State Department appears to have maintained, as her primary concern that Congress would beat up the State Department over security lapses. Rumor has it that more whistleblowers will come forward including from the CIA. We now learn David Petraeus was ‘frustrated’ with the administration ‘washing’ the original report, but said nothing. What of your courage sir?

Liberal commentators faced with facts are consumed not with the existence of cover up but with “why would they cover this up”. There is a short answer that they will have difficulty comprehending. Incompetence and not being able to recognize when politics should take a back seat!

There are key questions for our Journalism community one of which is whether the seek answers to the questions or continue to accept shallow spin. Under the assumption that most of our ‘journalists’ are a bit out of practice I offer some suggestions. Who gets or takes political cover and who does not? Can Hillary’s pending candidacy be protected, should it be? Why did Secretary Clinton and the President lie to the families of the dead and to Congress? What were the President’s directives to Secretary Panetta the night of the attack? Where was the President and what was was he doing during the seven unaccounted for hours, journalists know that there is permanent log of the President’s activities; minute by minute. Why did the President blame the video at the UN two weeks later? Why was Greg Hicks demoted? Will the Clinton brigade, so well experienced in the politics of personal destruction, be sent into battle? Why were the people on the ground not fully consulted in advance of Susan Rice being sent out to be sacrificed, remembering, at the time, criticism of Ms. Rice was racism, sexism or both.

Can the administration prove that doing nothing in support of those under attack was really their best and only option? Will the President set up the State Department to take the fall. Jay Carney has already intimated that might be the case, although it can always rotate back to the Intelligence Community. Will our journalistic cadre realize that there were vast failures related to Benghazi; failures of intellect, failures of judgment; failures of policy and most critically, failures of integrity!

Will the MSM trade their politics for journalism? Will they step up and answer as to why it took them eight months to get serious? Will we finally see the Select Committee that Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va) has been begging for and should be implemented immediately?

Just trying to help!