Dear Mr. Panetta,

In advance of the Benghazi hearings I would offer a bit of advice for Leon Panetta. WATCH OUT! You are now essentially out of politics with no aspirations for additional service. I wonder if Bill Clinton has already been on the phone asking you to take the fall; “Leon, if you would just lie down here for a few minutes we’ve got the bus all warmed up and ready to roll over you, twice, just to make sure!”

Mr. Panetta, you’re on the other side of the aisle from where I sit but that does not mean you’re not worthy of respect for your competence and service.

I‘m thinking perhaps, in hindsight, you’d like to have Benghazi back. It was likely your last opportunity to do the right thing and enjoy the catharsis of ‘damming the torpedoes’.

This situation will quickly evolve into a ‘save Hillary’ campaign. We’ve all seen the manner in which the Clintons respond when under attack. You’ve seen it from the inside and probably know better than most that nothing is off the table, including you, Mr. Panetta. Petraeus is already gone, the mid level State Department employees have already been hung out and still there is deep concern over what happened on 9/11/12 and why it happened the way it did. But that’s only a part of the story. It’s always the cover up that extends the process and demands ever more aggressive spin. It’s always the politician’s instinct to ‘manage’ the truth to the point of the truth disappearing.

This is about some whether or not accountability even matters any more. I believe you think it does.

Mr. Panetta you’ve no doubt already considered this eventuality, your intellect has never been in question. Don’t let it happen. Serve your country one more time.