Random Thoughts 5/6/13

The President and the First Lady are proud of Jason Collins who they, no doubt, never met. Me, I don’t care. It’s not ‘don’t care’ as in apathetic, it’s don’t care as in I don’t care about sexual orientation. I’ve know too many great gay folks over the years to use that as a basis for any judgment resulting in pride. I’ve been proud of them for their behavior, professionalism or character but not due solely to sexual orientation. 40 years ago ‘coming out’ was a big deal, not so much anymore. I’m trying to figure out, other than another meaningless ‘first’, what there is to be proud of. If sexual orientation is ‘wired’, which I tend to believe it is in the vast majority of cases, are the Obamas proud because of how Mr. Collins is ‘wired? The sexual orientation of an essentially third tier player at the end of his career should not be a big deal. I know it is to some, but it shouldn’t be. Oops just saw the headline Mr. Collins will headline a DNC fund raising event. Got my answer!

The President’s ‘red line’ is a wonderful example of why he should say less, consider carefully and do more. It’s a dramatic and yet all too frequent example of the President not fully considering consequences. In this case, the consequence is credibility, most crucially with Russia, China and Iran assuming we had any left. To make matters worse the New York Times reports that an unnamed Obama aid tells the Grey Lady that; “If he (Assad) drops sarin gas on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?” It’s the credibility stupid! Best to be quiet and keep them guessing than to open one’s mouth and confirm the worst.

Benghazi could begin to blow up on the administration this week, but only if the majority of the media gets on the story; meaning that the evidence and testimony is so overwhelming that they are forced into it. Which news outlet leads with what story on Wednesday night’s network news, and what’s above the fold on Thursday morning will tell the tale; reporting or rationalization? Talking about or talking points.

There can be little doubt that with Benghazi as the current primary piece of evidence, any semblance of the truth or truth telling has become so politicized as to position the people who represent us (with some exceptions) as the greatest threat to our well being and security.

I want the Kardashians off my TV!

The testimony in Dr. Gosnell’s trial is so horrific that both sides of the abortion issue should find some sliver of common ground. That common ground is adoption; promoted and supported by both sides of the argument.

Note to Senator Rubio, if Chuck Schumer is smiling, you’re in trouble.