The 3AM Phone Call

Hillary Clinton, during her primary campaign against Barack Obama, famously reprised the ‘3 Am phone call’ ad to highlight the inexperience of then Senator Obama. The phone rang, no one answered. As Benghazi elbows itself back onto center stage it is clear that when the real 3AM phone call came neither Secretary Clinton nor the President answered the call.

The perpetual lesson no one in Washington ever seems to absorb is that the cover up is always worse than the failure. This Benghazi cover up has seen quite an evolution. Initially it was the video trailer that motivated the attack. (That filmmaker is still in jail six months later. Hillary promised retribution for the video and the man who produced it, on that, at least, she was correct.)

Move on folks, no terrorism to see here, just a demonstration. Cynicism prevailed over the initial explanation for the attack. As we progressed through ineffectual Congressional hearings to the ‘internal review’ the only thing that grew was prevailing cynicism. ‘Highly respected’ diplomat Thomas Pickering was held up as a bastion of integrity, however, to many his appointment signaled that a whitewash for Ms. Clinton was in full bloom.

A media, who in the pre Obama era was quick to the smell of a cover up yawned and fell asleep with the exception of CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson who, at least publically, contends confusion as to why so few of her colleagues took up the investigation although she does draw the appropriate comparison to their energy level during Republican administrations. Ms. Attkisson has more information than she has currently reported to security clearance issues. Worth note is that information has slowly over the course of the last six months gone from benign to ‘classified’. No, no folks move on, no cover up here!

Folks who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attack are still in no man’s land as the administration refuses to identify them to Congressional committees.

Republicans in Congress release a combined report by five Committee Chairman pointing out significant failures of the Pickering / Mullen internal review.

Now comes the whistleblower controversy and the cover up deepens as each falsehood demands more of the same in support of what looks more and more like a house of cards as each day goes by. The review by Messrs. Pickering and Mullen ignored individuals who requested to be interviewed for the report. The State Department is now playing bureaucratic ‘tag you’re it’ with lawyers attempting to represent the whistleblowers; State says, ‘no problem just have those folks (the whistleblowers) come on in and fill out the paperwork’. The whistleblowers who contend that they have already been subjected to intimidation know this little game for what it is. The context for the game has been set; Secretary Clinton; “what does it matter now”? Press Secretary Carney; “Benghazi was a long time ago”. Secretary Kerry; “I don’t want to spend the next four years taking about Benghazi.” The vast majority of media allies are attempting to support this narrative; even though that narrative is falling apart, brick by cover up, brick.

A special operator has appeared in a three part Fox interview. He contends that there were in fact resources that could have been brought to the aid of Benghazi. He contends that we know exactly who was involved in the attack and that man walks free.

The FBI, the day after Mr. Carney’s ‘long ago’ comment releases three photos of persons of interest in the Benghazi attack. Is the FBI tired of the game as well?

CNN, late to the game, now reports that known al Qaeda affiliate Mokhtar Belmokhtar, reputedly also involved in the oil facility attack in Mali, was also involved in the Benghazi attack as were three Yemini al Qaeda affiliates. CNN’s history in reporting on terrorism is, to be kind, weak. But the simple fact that they’re reporting it is a change in wind direction.

In a post months ago I contended that, eventually, the veil of silence would be broken by mid level operatives at the State Department who would grow frustrated with the narrative of the cover up and the comprehensive disrespect shown to Ambassador Stevens and those who died. They know, it could be them left to rot in the future.

We’re almost there.