McCain, Reality and Syria

On an ever more frequent basis I find myself wanting Senator McCain to just sit down and shut up. In this edition of ‘Sit Down and Shut Up” we feature Syria.

Senator McCain continues to suggest we get more involved in Syria; the time to get involved in Syria has long passed as have our options there. Procrastination, uncertainty or the non interventionist bent of the administration has eliminated any number of feasible options that may have once existed. Senator McCain may have been right a year and a half ago but the situation has changed.

Senator McCain should recognize that repetition of his points regarding the situation in Syria has evolved into the foreign policy equivalent of elevator music; it’s always there but no one is listening.

The Syrian resistance is quickly becoming dominated by radical Salafists looking to add Syria to the growing number of Jihadist controlled states reeling into the government by Sharia column. Targeted support may have been a good idea two years ago; that is no longer the case. What moderates may have been in a position to effect the eventual outcomes in Syria are now, by necessity, making common cause with the Jihadists.

Should America become further involved at this point in time no good will come of it. We’ve already lost our credibility with Syrian moderates. More radicalized elements will take lessons from other American involvements in the Middle East and North Africa; “tell them what they want to hear, get the guns and then firmly place a knife in the back of American foreign policy!”

Taqiyya is a long standing tenant of Islam; in essence it says”its fine to lie to further the goals of Islam; Syria is clearly a current goal of Islam.” The very idea, as Senator McCain suggests, that we can identify moderates and those friendly to the United States is willful blindness created by the supposition that Taqiyya is less important in the Middle East than American wishes. We can no longer put a finger in this particular leaking dike and to do so will simply arm radical elements as they set their sights on the next victim; Jordan.

The President’s reluctance to observe his own Red Line on chemical weapons is not only a message to Assad but to Iran, Egypt and North Korea. Words are just words absent the commitment or courage to back them up.

Syria will fall to the Islamists; it already has in many regions, areas controlled by Islamist forces are being subjected to localized Sharia governments, replete with the oppression that comes with it.

In the bad old days of Communism and the Cold War the Domino Theory held that if you let one country fall to Communism others would follow in succession. Is that not what we’re seeing in the Middle East; Egypt, Libya, Tunisia? Syria is next and Jordan is on the target list.

If we’re going to make a statement, if we’re going to draw an actual red line it must be in Jordan. It must be in the form of refugee support as tens of thousands of Syrians cross the border for safe haven it must also be in the form of military support in advance of the need to use it.

Senator McCain, you cannot play ‘catch up’ in the Middle East!! An opportunity lost, is just that; lost! So, please sit down and shut up and get up to speed on the new realities.