AG Holder: A Brief History

There can be little doubt that the truncated interview of the remaining Boston Bomber by the FBI was a function of word from on high at the Justice Department. Given the profile of the terror attack in Boston there can be no doubt the decision came from Mr. Holder. Many may be shocked, saddened and justifiably angry; but only if you haven’t been paying attention.

As Assistant Attorney General it was Mr. Holder who managed the pardon of FALN thugs, The FALN carried out more than 130 terror bombings in the United States.

During the Bush Administration Mr. Holder’s law firm was front and center in terms of pro-bono representation of Gitmo detainees often absent a request from the detainees for legal representation.

Mr. Holder was at the vanguard of the push to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a New York civil courtroom.

Mr. Holder, as Attorney General, approved the release of Binyam Mohammed the would-be accomplice of would-be “dirty bomber” (and now convicted terrorist) José Padilla. Mohammed planned to carry out mass-murder attacks in American cities.

That right wing rag, the New York Times reported that top current and former intelligence officials are energetically lobbying to keep secret tactics, methods and information that the intelligence communities require to insure that their effectiveness in not diminished. The Times reported that they are being beaten back by Holder and his staffers.

Mr. Holder released the ‘Torture memos’ produced during the Bush Administration with the intent to bring to trial the individuals involved in the enhanced interrogation program.

Then there was this enlightening exchange during a Congressional Hearing.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.): Do you feel that these individuals might have been incited to take the actions that they did because of radical Islam?
Attorney General Eric Holder: There are a variety of reasons why I think people have taken these actions. . . .
Smith: Okay, but radical Islam could have been one of the reasons?
Holder: There are a variety of reasons why people —
Smith: But was radical Islam one of them?
Holder: There are a variety of reasons why people do these things. Some of them are potentially religious-based.