Some Dots To Consider

The absence of cohesive reporting combined with rampant political correctness can make it difficult to connect the dots, or in some cases simply make sense of what we’re exposed to in the news. Here are a few dots to consider.

The Mother of the Boston Bombers says it was a ‘set up’. She may be right on the set up and wrong on who did it!

Since December of 2012 Reza Kahlili a former CIA operative within the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp has reported, based on his Iranian sources that Iran has placed and intended to unleash terror cells in the U.S. and Europe under a variety of contingencies: ongoing sanctions, increased sanctions or military action against Iranian territory.

Secretary of Defense Hagel is in Israel, offering ongoing support for the Israeli Defense establishment that could be taken by Iran as a signal that the Red Light on action against Iran just turned Yellow.

Yesterday Canada stopped what could have been a horrific terror plot; imagining a high speed train attempting to cross a bridge over the Niagara River that wasn’t there anymore. Canada has connected the plot to al Qaeda operatives operating out of Iran. Despite some ‘expert’ commentary (BBC), al Qaeda has long been in Iran under close Iranian supervision including ‘house arrest’. Al Qaeda Sunnis and Iranian Shia have reached uncomfortable detente in areas where their common interests are served. Reports have Bin Laden family members and Ayman al-Zawahiri present in Iran at one time or another.

Since 2007 that I’m aware of, reports of ‘OTM’s’, Other Than Mexicans have been filed by Immigration officers on the Mexican border. These OTM’s we’re typically Middle Eastern.

Ciudad del Este is the epicenter of The Tri-Border area where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina come together. The area has long been recognized as a haven for drug cartels and Islamist terror infrastructure. Reports have been ongoing for years that Hiz’bAllah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are well entrenched in the Tri-Border area. This is the likely spot where common cause is made between potential terror cells and the Mexican Cartels. Iran has supported all three groups over the years. The Taliban as well as other terror organizations have utilized the drug trade to support operations for decades.

Chechnya, Dagestan and Iran all border the Caspian Sea. There is no question that Radicalized Islam is present in Chechnya as evidenced by the terror attacks on the school in Beslan ending in the deaths of 380 people and the attack on a theater in Moscow resulting in another 170 deaths including the 40 terrorists.

Islamist terror cells are, typically, good at compartmentalizing their structure and maintaining cautions operational security. Their use of ‘useful idiots’ in terror operations is well documented.

The Boston Bombers could have gotten the ‘recipe’ for the pressure cooker and pipe bombs from a number of sources; one of those sources could have been direct support by a ‘controller’; the person who directly manages the individuals who are intended to plant the bombs.

The Mother, based on first person reports, had become gradually radicalized over a two to three year period and became more vocal about it as time went on. She left the country as did the boy’s father. It is unclear whether she radicalized her son, the other way around or they fed off each other.

The Boston Bombers, after the explosions, evidenced absolutely no tradecraft in terms of exiting the area and evading authorities. While thankful that they let the owner of the carjacked Mercedes SUV go because he was not American it’s bad tradecraft as is confessing to the person you’re about to let go.

They may have intended to hit more targets, which is certainly one possibility evidenced by the additional explosive devices they deployed during the Watertown shoot out. But why stay in the area? They could have easily hung on to the Mercedes hostage and driven anywhere they wanted. Why leave him in the car at the 7-11? Some of this simply does not make sense; stop for snacks when the entire city in hunting for you?

The other possibility is that Mom was right, “they were set up”! The complete absence of tradecraft in making an escape might support that possibility. In that scenario the cell they were attached to set them up. If their controller told them to be in a certain place at a certain time, the controller does not show up and communications suddenly go dark, they are cut off. If the controller convinced them that exfiltration plans would not be revealed until after the operation based on operational security it would explain the odd post explosion behavior. In this scenario they would not have know the true identity of the controller nor would they have any way of contacting him after the explosions. This possibility would be attractive if a well known organization or state sponsor was in the picture but needed to dissociate themselves from the actual event in fear of retaliation.