Two Messages in Boston

It is likely that Americans will watch what is going on in and around Boston today and have the thought occur to them that the massive mobilization of public safety resources will send a message to aspiring terrorists. They will assume that the message will be; “don’t go there!” “You may succeed in attacking us but you’ll be caught or killed.” “We will bring the weight of the world down on your shoulders!” “You won’t get away with it!”

In the Muslim world, however, the message will be completely different. The message will be; “See my Brothers what just two of us can do; what are you waiting for?” “See what just two brothers committed to Jihad can do. Thousands of police searching and unable to find our brother; it is proof of their weakness.” “They and their evil will fall to the benevolent hand of Allah’s will!”

The Marathon bombing brothers will be elevated to iconic status. They will be used in a massive PR campaign by al Qaeda and its affiliates to motivate others to engage in ‘lone wolf’ Jihad if, in fact, that is what happened in Boston. The non al Qaeda Jihadist infrastructure, most accurately represented by the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates, will pale at this action. Years ago, they came to the opinion that terrorism in the U.S. was counterproductive; that they were making sufficient progress in terms of political impact and cultural deconstruction that terrorism was unnecessary, except as a foil to allow them to make the case that since they are not actively participating in terrorism, they must be ‘moderates’. It’s a false argument but it plays inside the Beltway and in Universities.

The predictable justifications from the American left began yesterday. Despite the massive weight of evidence we should not connect Islam to terrorism. Despite more than 20,000 documented Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 we are xenophobic if we make that connection.

Many commentators have wondered aloud how ‘we’ will handle this manner of ‘new’ threat despite the fact that there is nothing new here. The non politically correct answer is in Muslim Mosques. The trail of terror invariably leads back to Mosques; they are the critical point of motivation and material support. So long as political correctness precludes observation and surveillance of Mosques to determine what manner of Islam is being taught we will continue to hold the knife to our own throat.