Walking The Talk

Republicans and most specifically the RNC can talk all they want about minority voting segments and what has to be done to attract them to the Republican brand; it is mostly that, talk. The talk has maintained the tinge of appeasing instead of convincing. The very focus on each and every minority segment in the RNC’s ‘plan’ is indication enough that they are prepared to adopt the class and race politics of the Democratic Party.

I have argued amongst friends that if Republicans want to re-establish the brand they must stop speaking to each other and speak to those that oppose them; specifically Black and Hispanic voters. The war that should be waged is the war of ideas, not the war of class and race. The war of ideas takes time, commitment and clear headed thinking. The war of ideas begins with some percentage of the folks your talking to coming to a; “I didn’t think of it that way before” moment.

Enter Rand Paul, speaking at Howard University a traditionally Black university. He engaged the Conservative view to an audience that has been overwhelmed by the Progressive point of view. He took his lumps, endured the predictable, mindless protests and made the case for Conservative history and values. He fairly represented a Conservative point of view. The smattering of occasional applause was a beginning.

The message to the RNC and the current Republican consultant class is that it’s time for a fundamental change. If you’re going to fight the war of ideas, and we must, you cannot have impact absent respect. Many in that audience will continue to disagree with Senator Paul’s point of view but he likely garnered a degree of respect for showing up, engaging, and attempting to make the case. He did not pander!!!!

Senator Paul was willing to take the first step on the thousand mile journey. Hopefully his example will result not only in Howard University students having a second thought, but the entire Republican Party as well. Republicans in general talk the talk, Rand Paul walked the walk.