Will The Sleeper Awaken?

The country is somnambulant; the question simply is; will the sleeper awaken, and if so, when?

It is clear to those who are not card carrying members of the President’s cult that to bring the country into compliance with the Presidents ideological vision a new normal had to be established. The ‘new normal’ takes time. For instance, years of high gas prices eventually creates the ‘new normal’ for gas prices; we lose track of the fact that they are double what they were four years ago and rising again. We see a brief dust up over coal plant closings and then…..nothing. Electricity costs will follow the gas price curve as you remove the most cost efficient way to produce electricity. Somnambulant!

When the President spoke of “spreading the wealth”; when he told you that you ‘couldn’t expect to just keep your thermostat at 72 degrees’, when ‘fair share’ became a watch word of his campaign even though ‘fair share’ was never defined; it became clear that these ideas and beliefs foreshadowed a ‘new normal’. When Green Energy failures are followed by more rhetoric and investment while the opportunity to generate domestic source productivity is under attack, when ‘political’ Generals and the Secretary of State say global warming is the primary threat and challenge to the U.S. it’s just a matter of time till 72 degrees becomes nothing more than a fond memory; the ‘new normal’. All it takes is time and the President has four more years to achieve it.

Dependency skyrockets! The federal government and the President encourage that dependency. Dependency becomes the bedrock of the new normal; productivity and responsibility on the verge of being outvoted by dependency. The ‘new normal’ is a redefinition of America.

GDP growth is at four tenths of one percent; the ‘new normal’. Un/under employment at 15% is the ‘new normal’. Variances of opinion are not disagreement, its racism or sexism, or ageism or some other ‘ism’. ObamaCare promised to cover everyone, the CBO says that number of Americans who will remain uncovered is 30 million. Covering 30 million was a primary justification for passing ObamaCare; the Big Lie writ large. The Big Lie is a foundation of the new normal as it has been in the past, many times.

The Fort Hood victims were not the victims of terrorism as Major Hassan shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he indiscriminately mowed down fellow soldiers; it’s work place violence. Benghazi is a cover up of monumental proportions; the ‘new normal’. Sequester cuts, as implemented by the President’s administration, are intended to make you suffer, so that the President can say “I told you so, see I’m right”. Your suffering takes a back seat to the President’s narcissism. There is, however, no back seat for Syria or the Palestinians or Egypt, hundreds of millions for folks who hate us is no problem under the ‘new normal’. White House visitations for the Muslim Brotherhood, no problem! The popular uprising in Iran, begging for U.S. support, suffers murder and torture with no word of support from the President. China bitch slaps the U.S. day after day, no response. If fact, the folks in China hacking our systems were educated right here.

Ah, but the President can’t do this alone. The ‘new normal’ requires that dominant media organizations play along. They have! Every bit of bad economic news is ‘unexpected’. It’s still, incomprehensively, Bush’s fault. NBC did not report on Benghazi for over 30 days. The President frequently ‘misspeaks’ but you won’t find it on the evening news. Major news organizations mimic Presidential positions as they hop on the demonization train with gusto, the mere attempt at objectivity absent. The stimulus did not fail, it wasn’t big enough! Disagreement is racism. Reducing the scope of government is not prudent it’s anti government. Demanding accountability is the immature ramblings of political opponents. If the President says so the media presents it as being gilded in gold, if opponents speak out its just petty politics. Can anyone name a significant investigative effort of the Obama administration undertaken by the main stream media that actually held the President accountable for anything? Help me out here because, I’m at a loss!

The ‘new normal’ is less. Less choice, (unless it’s abortion) less freedom, fewer firearms, less information, less economic opportunity, fewer jobs, less benefit of personal initiative; but most critically less lifestyle; everything from your thermostat to the foods you eat. The new normal demands success guilt unless, of course, you’re committed to the cult; then your success is acceptable.

The ‘new normal’ is upon us. It creeps along demanding it’s time to become engrained in our perceptions. There is a reason why the President keeps hitting the same issues in the same way, time after time. The reason is time. The ‘new normal’ takes time.