Just A Bit Of Caution For Common Cause

Common Cause is a ‘nonpartisan’ organization that very strongly tilts to the political Left. The key organizations that fund Common Cause are decidedly leftist and in some cases radically so; not the least of which is George Soros’ many funding mechanisms including the Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

Common Cause is also rumored to be the organizational center around which leftist organizations of all stripes are to be coordinated as events demand. Today, Common Cause took on the President!

Common Cause demanded that the evolution of the Obama campaign into Organizing for Action be dismantled. They are concerned about the ‘pay for play’ aspects of OFA plans that brings major donor’s and bundlers into the White House to meet with the President each quarter. Bob Edgar, President of CC called the White House’s suggestion that OFA will independent “laughable”; hey, if anyone should know, they should know.

In their Press Release, CC reminds the President of his past positions regarding money and politics and the fact that this effort is far removed from those policy statements and declarations.

We Conservatives wish CC well with that reminder of past positions and rhetoric. We’ve been going down that road for years to no apparent effect. Here’s hoping an organization ‘inside the wire’ will have more success. A word of caution for CC; don’t be too disappointed if the President completely ignores your call to either disband or reorganize OFA. CC is, likely, in for an object lesson; the President wants, what the President wants and your plea will likely fall on deaf ears, regardless of their size.

Common Cause may discover that they simply don’t have the influence they thought they had with the President, despite their efforts on his behalf. They do however, mildly, suggest that such an organization outside of the White House and the Democratic Party is unnecessary in light of the hundreds of grassroots organizations that already exist.

In Common Cause’s defense they do consistently rail against the stink of money in the political process; until now CC’s positions have been aimed at one side of the political equation. Today’s Press Release is consistent with past positions. Common Cause may discover that the President is really not who they thought he was.