The Face Of Evil

With some difficulty, I’ve watched my first beheading video since Nick Berg was brutally beheaded in Iraq.

Two men, handcuffed together, surrounded by 20 to 30 gun wielding members of the Syrian Free Army enjoy a little foreplay, slapping the two men about the head. They are in a small room, it is loud; epithets are shouted at the two men. They are taken to the street, walk about a half a block; the first victim is made to lie in the street. A cinder block is placed under his head as gunman look on. As the climactic moment approaches cries of Allahu Akbar are heard as the spinal cord is severed at the back of the head. Gun shots ring out as the beheaded man is shot a number of times. The second man suffers the same fate moments later.

Chanting bursts out among the killers. Some, with video cameras move in for a close up of the partially beheaded men. They jockey for position as the two heads are fully cut from the bodies. It’s not easy and takes a few more slashes of the blade and bit of sawing. The chanting begins anew, the murders apparently happy with their day’s work.

The crime? They are “Alawite Kuffar dogs”; unbelievers by Jihadist standards. They tell the men that their deaths are “for Usama bin Laden” leaving little doubt of their Sunni allegiance. What is in doubt is the logical thought process that somehow, connects them to UBL. The dead men’s crime is a failure to share in a version of Islam that calls for conversion, slavery or death. This version of Islam is dominant in the Middle East and throughout Africa, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Pakistan. This crime is a crime committed and justified through Islamic history.

The atrocities are a message to those who may resist, demanding the presence of video cameras and web sites. There is no law that governs here except for the mob’s interpretation of the Koran. Unbelievers do not have to simply be non-Muslim; they may be Muslims from the wrong sect within Islam. It takes not more than a declaration of being a kuffar or an apostate to justify murder in the name of Allah; to glorify Allah. Medieval brutality and medieval thinking associated with a faith declared ‘perfected’ a thousand years ago.

This is a face of evil! This face remains unseen where willful blindness and political correctness dominates. This thinking, this manner of vigilante ‘justice’ will come to dominate the Middle East in the not too distant future. Egyptian violence against Coptic Christians is rampant. Syria becomes uncontrollable in direct relation to the inflow of foreign Jihadists. Lebanon is in jeopardy as is Jordan and Bahrain.

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