Hillary And Accomplishment

Former Secretary Clinton is, perhaps, carrying the most significant approval rating in the administration as she departs her position. It’s hard to understand why that is the case other than the possibility that celebrity is a more significant factor in the Secretary of State’s Office than accomplishment. In fairness there may have been victories that we are unaware of, small accommodations that avoided larger issues. She traveled to 112 countries but that in and of itself is an accomplishment absent substance.

She is credited with a ‘tilt’ toward East Asia. That may be so, but there is nothing of substance to show for the effort.

There are no new treaties pending that will pass the Senate. U.N. treaties calling for gun control and revisions to the Law of the Sea Treaty have no chance to pass the Senate despite the Secretary’s support for both.

Benghazi was a nightmare scenario, despite Mrs. Clinton’s emotional outburst, common sense and the trail of evidence demonstrate a tragic failure of Mrs. Clinton’s department and her commitment to her people.

The reset with Russia was off to a bad start from the outset as the button symbolizing the reset used the wrong word as a label. Since then Russia has been a nearly perpetual roadblock to nearly all U.S. efforts in the U.N. Russia, unabashedly, supports Iran and Syria. The Russians did reset, they took an ever hardening line against U.S. Policy; just because!

India continues to look to the U.S. with jaded eyes. Secretary Clinton was unable to facilitate progress amongst those two nuclear armed neighbors.

The weak kneed support for Israel is obvious to objective observers. While institutional coordination at the intelligence and defense levels is good, the administration and Mrs. Clinton were quick to criticize, unable to apply the same understanding of restraints and internal politics to Israel as they did with other nations.

There was no new movement on the ‘Palestinian Question’ during Madam Secretaries’ tenure. That is no surprise and not her fault. However, things are worse than they have ever been and the potential for an agreement a distant cloud of a dream. Palestine is still divided between enemies and we saw a significant growth of al Qaeda and Iranian influence in Gaza.

The Syrian President, once described by Secretary Clinton as a ‘reformer’ fights a brutal civil war within Syria. That same President also attempted to commence a nuclear program of his own. That effort was not stopped by the U.S. but by Israel.

China engages in ever more belligerent behaviors testing a red line that has yet to be drawn. The U.S. has had to confirm security protections for Japan and the Philippines.

Effective Iranian sanctions were finally put in place, credit to the administration for that. However, while having a severe economic impact the nuclear program maintains its momentum.

The Arab Spring was completely misread by the administration apparently unable to overcome political correctness in favor of incisive analysis and an anticipation of consequences.

Turkey is inexorably pulling away from its orientation to the West.

South America has moved significantly to the left during the last four years as has the necessary anti Americanism that goes with that shift.

NATO is dying on the vine.

Egypt is now governed by a President with a long history of commitment to Islamist ideals and Sharia. The Brotherhood has long waited in the wings, absent another revolution Egypt will become the core of the global Islamist movement.

Africa has become an even bigger mess than it was four years ago. Significant portions of North, Central and East Africa are becoming Islamist controlled regions.

It took a concerted PR campaign to get the MEK removed from the State Department list of terrorist nations. Much of what we know of Iran’s nuclear program came from the MEK. It is also suspected that the MED is responsible with much of the mischief the Iranians are dealing with.

The sad reality is that Secretary Kerry will, likely, not do as well as Secretary Clinton.