Conservatives and some Republicans are losing faith in the GOP’s ability to compete with the President in terms of communication. Forget wining, the GOP does not appear to be capable of even fighting the good fight.

The President simplifies to the point of distraction. He rarely goes off message and should he do so, the media fixes it for him. Competing with the President is a high hill to climb but it’s not Mount Everest and now would be a good time to step up the pace.

For instance, the big numbers have folks numbed: debt, deficits, taxes and spending don’t resonate with enough people to compete with a President who has crafted the ability to oversimplify and emotionalize an issue simultaneously. So why not go with small numbers? Why not change the communication strategy to compete with the President on his own ground? Let’s go simple!

Here are the small numbers that should have been the focus of the argument against the President’s tax proposals.

• Our budget deficit means that out of every 365 days, 146 of them are unpaid for; we borrow 146 days worth of spending every year.
• The President’s tax the rich proposal pays for 8 days, 5% of the problem.
• That means we still have 138 unpaid for days.

That approach is not difficult to relate to; we all relate to days and years, much more so than to a number with 12 zero’s after it. Three simple, factually correct, easily communicable points can generate a lot of questions.

• Is 138 days of debt every year healthy?
• What would you do if you ran out of money at the end of July every year?
• Do you think we can go on like this every year?
• The President’s budget says we can. His plan says we can.