Stepping In It, NRA Style

It not just a question of what you say, as an individual or as an organization, it’s what you choose to say given the options.

The NRA ad currently getting so much attention, is………….well…………..stupid! What is also clear is that Conservative commentators are not, by and large, condemning it. They are doing what the Left does; justifying the stupidity with; “well the other guy did it, so we can too”.

The NRA could have cited crime statistics where guns are severely limited. They could point to constitutionality, they could point to incidents were gun ownership has saved the lives of the innocent. They could have made any variety of points that had an opportunity to resonate with a broad cross section of people. They could have…………….wait for it…………..used salient facts!

Instead they attacked the President as an elitist; really? We should not, and most folks do not, have a problem with the President’s family being protected by armed Secret Service agents. Yet, this, given all of the available options to deliver a coherent message, is what the NRA chooses to focus on?

I support the 2nd amendment, I support individual gun rights but I do not, regardless of motivation or political orientation, support stupidity. The NRA ad is poor messaging, poor execution and above all, exceptionally poor judgment. There are a variety of messages that can be delivered. The arguments for legal gun ownership are persuasive. This is the best the NRA can do?

Perhaps in light of the 150,000 new members since the controversy heated up the NRA is feeling a bit elitist themselves. As I’ve advised any number of young folks along the way; be cautious, the moment you’re feeling bullet proof, or indispensible is the exact moment when you’re in jeopardy of doing something stupid.

A final bit of advice for the NRA; whatever you do, don’t hire the PR people the Republicans use to fix it, they don’t get it either.