New Words, New Issue??

Progressives are very good at attempting to change issue focus by changing rhetoric. Global warming just wasn’t ‘selling’ anymore. There was just too much bad or politicized science surrounding the claims. Presto! Good-bye Global warming, hello Climate Change. Personally speaking my climate changed about three times yesterday; it must be true!

Taxes aren’t taxes; revenue enhancement. Wars aren’t wars they’re oversees contingency operations. Benghazi was a demonstration, not a terror attack.

The newest turn of the phrase was signaled by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, (D, MD). Gun Control is not gun control, it’s got a new nameplate; Gun Safety.

Control sounds ever so harsh. But, who can argue with ‘safety’? Expect that the anti-gun crowd to fully embrace this new turn of a phrase. Embracing rhetoric is much more easily accomplished than fitting the facts into your position. Democrats have been being hung on the Gun Control issue for a decade, essentially leaving it alone as their beliefs about the appropriate limitations on guns are simply not shared by the population in general.

Getting rid of guns is hip on New York’s Upper East Side and the urban bastions of Liberalism, not so in the rest of the country. Violent crime decreases when criminals are unsure of the presence of a defensive firearm in the home or on a person. Violent crime increases as gun laws become more restrictive, Chicago being an excellent example. The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban had essentially no impact on the issue. Guns are not the major weapon type used in violent crime according to the FBI crime statistics. No matter the facts; we need more ‘Gun Safety’.

10 Bills associated with Gun Control, opps, ‘safety’ were filed on the first day of Congress. The facts and realities overwhelmed by how people ‘felt’ about guns and Newtown. Gun and ammo sales have exploded in advance of the potential move for more gun control. Oops, sorry again, gun safety!

So the evidence, the inconvenient facts argue that announcing the intention to generate more gun control results in ……. wait for it …….. more gun ownership! The logical disconnects continue. Just saying!