How Does It Feel To Be Rich?

The Republican message as we approach yet another fiscal cliff should be straightforward. Mr. Speaker, my suggestion follows. No charge!

“Folks this is simple, everyone who works for a paycheck saw their income go down as their taxes went up. Get ready for more because now you know who the ‘rich’ are. It’s you, you’re the rich. Based on the President’s recent ‘victory’ over Republicans your share of the tax increase is more than the ‘rich’ that you’ve been hearing so much about. You’re payroll deductions as a percentage of your income will increase much more than the ‘rich’ because after $113,000 in income the payroll deductions stop.”

“You’ve heard a lot lately about how the President beat up, defeated and out maneuvered the Republicans, that may be true but you’re the ones paying the price as we knew you would. We wanted taxes frozen for everyone, we lost that battle. You lost that battle, as you now know, based on noting more complicated than looking at your last paycheck, your smaller paycheck. The President has included you in his ‘fair share’ calculation and he’ll do it again, he has no choice.”

“The President has communicated two critical points. One, spending is not a problem in his view; if we accept the President’s point of view there is only one option left to address the serious problems we face, more taxes. If spending is not a problem we need a Trillion dollars a year in new taxes. Not for anything new, just to pay for what we’ve already committed to. A Trillion in new taxes is required just hold the line on the spending that is already in place.”

“The President’s second key point is that Congress approved the spending so there should be no issue with Congress increasing the Debt Ceiling without spending cuts. In other words, no matter how foolish the spending levels are they must be maintained. No matter how severe the unintended consequences of past legislation, we should just keep motoring along.” It’s simple math really. If you had to go out and borrow 40% of your monthly expenses, every month, just to keep your head above water, how long before your family faced financial collapse? That is, in simple terms, what the Federal Government is doing, it’s not spin it’s a simple fact.”

“There are more taxes to come folks and you’ll be the target, again. The Middle Class has always been where the money is and Democratic leaders are already making the case for more taxes. You simply can’t tax the ‘rich’ enough to get the revenue Democrats are demanding. Democrats will continue to attack the ‘rich’; you’ll be the collateral damage. We’re going to need about another $5,000 from each paycheck earner to make up the annual deficit, because spending is not a problem.”

We have always attempted to communicate to you that it is our belief that money in your pocket was better than money in the hands of an exploding Federal bureaucracy. That money in your pocket was what drove the economy and that excessive Federal spending was a drain on the economy. It’s a simple message, it’s a simple difference.

It’s also simple questions. How does it feel to be ‘the rich’?” How does it feel to be included in the Presidents view of ‘fair share? What will you do with your smaller paycheck? In all likelihood you’ll cut back on some of your spending, you won’t have a choice. Is it so radical to think our government should be doing the same thing?”