Waiting For The Inevitable

As Rome burns the fiddles are all tuned up.

The President and Senate Leader Reid are engaged in name calling; mature leadership indeed. Senator Reid, calling the kettle black, refers to Speaker Boehner as a Dictator. Senator Reid also refused publically to even consider anything that comes from the House; anything! The President says, of course, it’s not his fault, it never is. Conservatives in Congress are ‘extremists’, but annual budget deficits north of a Trillion a year are mainstream. The President, facing the worst debt and spending crisis in history put a plan on the table calling for more stimulus spending, more debt, new taxes and no reduction in the annual deficit; the political equivalent of a rabbit punch. Apparently the President’s new stimulus plan is based on how well it went the first time around; which certainly was the case for the chosen few. Jobless claims this week; 350,000, which is about the weekly average we’ve seen for the past four years; FOUR YEARS!

In the past 90 days nearly 6,000 new regulations have been issued by the Federal Government some running to hundreds of pages. But wait, there is more to come, the bureaucrats are still working on ObamaCare and Dodd Frank, they have not even made a dent in what’s to come. You may recall last year the President promised to get rid of counterproductive regulation; promises, promises, always another promise. New regulations issued in the last 90 days 6,000; regulations taken off the books, zero. The President’s team has not managed to find a single regulation they viewed as unnecessary although I’m sure they went at it hard, after all, it was a Presidential promise.

The State Department folks being ‘disciplined’ and taking the fall for Benghazi, are actually still gainfully employed and have been all along, they just went from one chair to another. Despite a scathing report on the gross shortcomings in Benghazi no one is to blame! Alice never imagined a rabbit hole such as we have here.

Despite Federal Law to the contrary the use of private e-mail accounts to do government business is endemic in the Obama administration. There has been no comment from the administration, but Lisa Jackson’s alter ego e-mails are due to be released in the next two weeks which may explain her sudden resignation and will no doubt reveal the inner workings of the war on carbon based energy.

The Secretary of State has disappeared! This must be the worse concussion in history or the idea of facing Benghazi questions has scrambled Madam Secretary beyond her ability to recovery. I’m guessing the prognosis is that she’ll be just fine sometime after January 20th.

The Secretary of Treasury has accelerated the time line for another debt limit crisis putting it right in the middle of the fiscal cliff considerations. He had no idea before now? Are we running the Treasury Department with Turbo Tax software?

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Senate is avowed in the idea that fewer guns equal greater personal security. Chicago, with exceptionally strict gun laws, just saw its 500th murder of the year. Could it be that only the bad guys in Chicago have guns?

Evidence mounts that the Syrian ‘rebellion’ has essentially been taken over by Jihadists. The guns have reached groups avowed to destroy America. How nice, we’re back at the same old gun game that just never works. Didn’t work in Iran Contra, didn’t work in Libya and it’s not working in Syria. In those places, more guns were the answer; here at home just the opposite.

The fiscal cliff will not be resolved because it’s not about anything fiscal. It’s a power play intended to fracture the Republican opposition. As we move inexorably toward a face to face confrontation with a $16 trillion budget deficit and $80 trillion in future unfunded liabilities the overwhelming priority is to destroy Republicans. We are not moving to create a rational solution but to create unfettered one party control of the political process.

Nearly any vaguely informed American could give you an outline of what needs to happen to fix the fiscal crisis: cut spending, eliminate corporate welfare, refocus budget priorities, eliminate unnecessary programs, means testing; eligibility changes for the younger generation, economic growth, and yes, even tax increases by way of reform.

No menu of rational ideas is in play in Washington. The process of addressing the fiscal cliff is disconnected from American common sense. We have front row seats for the overreach that always generates backlash; it’s the foible of power that our Constitutional Republic was designed to control. Problem is; we have to wait, we have to suffer worse before the groundswell, the demand, for real solutions rises up; if it does.

If it doesn’t; have a nice day Comrade!