Time To Turn The Page

The old white men of the Republican Party need to bid a fond farewell, adieu, step aside, exit stage right, retire, resign and go quietly into that political good night. The town needs a new Sherriff.

Leadership and strategic vision are the crucial components defining direction for any organization and this leadership is, at best, sad! The best evidence is Democratic reluctance to castigate Speaker Boehner in the same manner applied to so many others. Is Boehner the Democrats most valued asset?

2010 was not a Republican victory. The Tea Party was the dominating force in that election. The Republican establishment did not know what to do with them then and they don’t know what to do with them now. The translation is that they don’t know what to do with actual Conservatives. Shocking!

Republican leadership can’t do politics, can’t come up with a communication strategy that moves opinion, can’t out flank Democrats, and can’t get their own stuff organized. This is leadership?

The Republican leadership has slid back and forth between giving up negotiating positions with no equal move from the other side and negotiating amongst themselves, in public, absent issue discipline. They beg the President for his leadership instead of demonstrating dramatic leadership of their own. They don’t see the leadership vacuum for what it is and therefore cannot take advantage of it. Speaker Boehner is, in all likelihood, a good guy; so what? Being a good guy is probably the last thing the Republicans need right now. It’s the last thing we all need right now. Good guy John McCain refused to attack Mr. Obama’s leftist associations beginning with Reverend Wright. Good Guy Mitt Romney refused to attack what was going on in Benghazi among other things.

What do establishment Republicans attack? The Tea Party folks in Congress! That is also an attack on the millions of Americans that elected them; someone might want to point that out! Removing key Committee assignments in the House means that the Tea Party caucus is under attack from, incomprehensibly, Republican ‘leadership’. The ‘Tea Party’ caucus has however delivered the appropriate message to the Speaker insuring that his ‘Plan B’ never sees the light of day. The Speaker has disenfranchised the group that led to his Speakership. Some establishment Republicans fear primary challenges, as they should. It’s time for them all to find common cause and work to change Republican leadership; or more accurately the lack thereof.

Republicans clearly cannot win incremental negotiations so how about passing a bill that cuts taxes for everyone? Yes everyone! How about eliminating 75% of corporate welfare? How about specific, department by department recommendations for spending cuts? How about communicating to the middle class, so valued by the President, what happens if the right deal does not get done? How about making clear just how screwed they will be as the economy slides into avoidable recession based on a President that appears not to understand the realities of economics and a Senate Leader that refuses to even consider anything generated from the House? Don’t worry about your tax bill folks, it’s you income that’s in jeopardy. Will someone please communicate to the Middle Class that job growth will vanish, capital spending and investment will remain on hold; and while we’re at it, inevitable inflation as the Fed continues to print money. Time to call the entitlement morass what it is; a Ponzi scheme, the largest in history!

Republicans, instead of fooling around, should adopt Leader Reid’s tactics and state without reservation that there will be no increase in the debt ceiling under the current conditions. How about Republicans adopt Democratic tactics and begin to tear into the likes of Reid, Pelosi, brutish Unions and the Leftist infrastructure; do so with facts and logic. Republicans clearly can’t handle the politics so they might as well deal with ……… wait for it ………. the facts!

Yes, yes Republicans will be blamed, the media will guarantee it. The torrent of blame, however, is an opportunity to make the case for the real fiscal cliff no one is talking about. The real fiscal cliff is associated with the future for generations to come.

It’s time to turn the page.