Wrong on Syria

After 18 months of essentially doing nothing regarding Syria, we’ve now doing the wrong thing. The Obama administration has recognized the Syrian rebels as being a valid representative of the Syrian people. The Syrian rebels, mirroring rebellion movements throughout the Middle East, are chock full of al Qaeda sympathetic Jihadists. The administration did, however, designate one of the Syrian rebel organizations, Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group. The rebels immediately asked the President to reconsider that decision because they as well, for the moment, are fighting Assad; so much for gratitude!

The die was cast in Afghanistan and later in Iraq as thousands of foreign, al Qaeda affiliated fighters, crossed the Syrian border to join the fight against the Americans in Iraq. There are foreign fighters in Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Chechnya, Gaza and Lebanon. Sounds like the tide of a global movement to me.

Canada sees it for what it is; refusing Syrian recognition absent a rejection of Jihadism. Thanks Canada, again! It must be nice to have a leader such as Stephen Harper with a clear vision on the issue.

The context and guiding principal for this horrific mistake could easily take the form of John Brennan, the White House Counter-terrorism advisor. Mr. Brennan simply cannot bring himself to utter the words Jihadist or Islamist; it’s counterproductive by Mr. Brennan’s standards to actually label the enemy, even though the enemy is exceptionally clear about who their enemy is; us! We may surmise why he feels it’s counterproductive; he and the administration must not see these medieval misogynists as an enemy despite their own words displayed every Friday in Mosques through the region.

How to reconcile ‘liberal’ credentials which should stand in opposition to Gay bashing, pedophilia, religious intolerance, subjugation of women and calls for genocide with the inability to apply a ‘Jihadist’ label. It is simply a bridge too far for the administration. Our ‘political’ Generals are along for the politically correct ride. Oh no; off on this rant again? Yes! The symptoms are consistent, illustrative and dangerous. To be unable or unwilling to call a thing what it is demands endemic weakness.

The revised Army Manual orders U.S. Troops in Afghanistan not to criticize the Taliban, Islam or Pedophilia. The recent blue on blue violence in Afghanistan is not the Taliban or Insurgents targeting us, oh no, the Manual suggests that it is our ignorance of Afghan culture that motivates the violence despite all evidence to the contrary. After 10 years in Afghanistan we’ve not accomplished the learning curve necessary to fully appease Islamist forces, we need a new manual. Having just finished (and highly recommend) Jake Tapper’s book ‘The Outpost’ the degree to which our soldiers did apply cultural sensitivity is astounding, the lengths they went to heroic, the senior leadership failings tragic and the frustrations they endured unimaginable. One wonders how the families of the 63 service members killed in blue on blue violence this year feel, knowing it was not an enemy responsible for the deaths, it was a lack of political correctness that resulted in their loss!

There was no rejection of President Morsi’s dictatorial power grab in Egypt, essentially eliminating any consideration of Constitutional governance at the time. We really put it to Assad in the past as well. We recalled our Ambassador; ouch! Of course that was after Secretary Clinton labeled him a ‘reformer’. Think the rebels don’t remember that?

The Brotherhood’s presence in the White House has been consistent as has been support for the President from Islamist organizations here at home. Islamist organizations are still contractors to the Federal Government to ‘train’ and ‘sensitize’ federal agencies to Islamic sensitivities, while true experts such as Stephen Coughlin are run out of town on a rail. While the occasional ‘B’ team terror cell may be busted the organizations that provide the umbrella for financial, organizational and ideological support are welcomed. Leftist leaders in league with the likes of Hiz’bAllah and Iran support the President, Venezuela and Nicaragua chief among them. Chinese investment in Iran goes without comment and is, in fact, specifically excluded from some of the sanction regimes.

Islamist groups the world over target the West in word and deed. American understanding of Islamist ideology is blunted by political correctness and equivalency that contends they are not any better or worse than we are, just different; viva la difference!

Neville Chamberlain refused to see the Nazi’s as the ‘enemy’, refused to label them as such; “Peace in our time” said he. John Brennan and the administration must be fans of his!