There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere!

Barely a generation after Strom Thurman we have a resigning, White, Republican, Conservative, South Carolina Senator favoring a Black Republican Congressman to replace him. What?

Come on! There has to be Racism (a pony) in here somewhere.

The final decision on the replacement will be made by a Conservative, Republican, Indian American, Woman Governor!

Come on! There has to be some Xenophobia (pony) in here somewhere. These are Republicans, Conservatives; not people of obvious ‘color’. We’ve spent two years painting them as racist, extremist Xenophobes. How dare they not provide additional fodder for that argument.

Wait, wait! I nearly forgot, the facts don’t matter at all. The behaviors don’t matter at all. Racism is assumed (Toure’) if you’re simply born white. Disagreement with the President is also considered Racist behavior. Criticism of bat shit crazy ideas from the left is also ‘proof’ of Racism.

They will find their pony! They always do.