Plausible Deniability

When the timing seems strange, when scandals layer one on top of another, when every day brings a new revelation; it’s time to put on our tin foil hats and move forward.

We have a President who has a penchant for saying one thing and actually doing another. He argues for an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy yet his administration moves to limit production and effectively shut down coal. There are many others, line by line budget review, cut the deficit in half, etc, etc, etc; most recently the’ video’. We let him get away with it.

Benghazi is Watergate waiting to happen. This week’s hearing may or may not shed light; heat perhaps but light is in question. Key players will not appear: General Petraeus and Secretary Clinton chief among them. FOX News and CBS break a new story on the scandal as each day goes by.

Fear not, help is on the way. There is no better ‘shiny object’ in politics than a sex scandal and now we have two and to make it even juicier they’re connected. Wow, who could ask for more? The media has already downgraded Benghazi in favor of a General and a CIA Director involved in romantic affairs. Perfect; hey you, look over here, shiny object; no charge!

Is it hard to imagine this information being kept from the President as it is hard to imagine he did not know what was going on in Benghazi. No doubt the players were concerned with the President having ‘plausible deniability’. Those would likely have been the watchwords for the final months of the campaign. But, it’s not plausible anymore even though it’s not hard to imagine the key players, Mr. Holder chief among them willing to ‘swear’ that the President knew nothing, they didn’t tell him, it didn’t rise to the Presidential level, the President was busy, it was an ongoing investigation and so on. In a town that lives on leaks and rumors no one knew anything………..until after Election Day.

Whew, thank goodness no one knew anything before then. But alas they did. Eric Holder knew, Eric Cantor knew, John Brennan knew, likely their chief deputies knew. The FBI knew; unsubstantiated reports also have many at the CIA aware Petraeus was involved in an affair; well, after all they’re spies!

The President will do his best Sergeant Schultz impression; “I know nothing, nothing”. John Brennan is a known sycophant unable to keep the time of day to himself. Mr. Holder is rumored to be exceptionally close to the President but said not a word, no heads-up; no ‘we have a problem’? The FBI Director Mr. Mueller apparently did not think a potential security breech at the level of the Director of CIA was noteworthy. Ms. Broadwell had classified material on her computer; polygraph anyone, anyone, Buehler, anyone?

Petraeus had already dissembled Benghazi, testifying that it was all about the ‘video’ and a flash mob. Everyone was in line behind that strategy until those ugly facts from that devil spawn FOX news began to come out.

Petraeus, to appearances and in hindsight, was going to be the fall guy for Benghazi. He was perfect; it’s not hard to imagine ‘someone’ holding the affair investigation over his head. One of the most feared gambits in the spy business is the ‘honey pot’. Powerful men lured to compromise by beautiful women, urged to provide information, blackmailed. When all is said and done the blackmail likely came from inside the administration. “Dave, Baby, just get in there with the company line on the ‘video’ and we’ll protect you from the FBI”. Reports have John Brennan knowing about it in 2011, but the Director of National Intelligence Mr. Clapper was totally in the dark, nothing surprising there, just saying. Clapper is the guy who believes the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization.

A whistle blower dropped a dime on Petraeus with Congressman Eric Cantor. Cantor called FBI Director Mueller is that when the unraveling began.

Despite months of investigation by the FBI it was only yesterday that the FBI showed up at Paula Broadwell’s home to confiscate potential evidence. The report of classified intelligence was reported in the media prior to the FBI showing up with their cardboard boxes. The smell test is not even close to being passed!

Back to Benghazi, we learn that the CIA may have been holding prisoners at the Benghazi annex, Ms. Broadwell apparently knew about that in October; the likely source being Director Petraeus. We learn that the attackers already had roads blocked off during the Turkish liaison’s meeting with Ambassador Stephens. The implication that the attackers waited for the Turkish liaison to clear the area in advance of the attack is not outside the realm of possibility. Did the Turks, our NATO allies, know the attack was coming? Was the Turk there to advise Ambassador Stephens that the gun running operation to Syria was about to fall apart because the guns ended up with al Qaeda? Was he there to lure Ambassador Stephens to Benghazi so that the attack could happen and take out the key link in the gun running to Syria. Were the Turks in on the setup? Ten years ago the answer would be an emphatic no; that is not the case with the Turks anymore.

What of Petraeus? No question he’s an exceptionally smart, capable man able for years to navigate Washington politics, admired by both sides of the political divide. Why not resign for ‘personal reasons’ when he knew this was going to blow up? Why would he stay on to await the inevitable public embarrassment and the ruin of a reputation gained over the course of a lifetime?

How much plausible deniability fits on the head of a pin?