Change the Party to What?

The seemingly endless talk since Tuesday from liberals and pseudo-conservatives alike is getting deafening regarding how the GOP needs to “change” in order to win in the future. The Democrats, in their infinite wisdom and genuine charity in helping the GOP achieve victory, believe Republicans need to “moderate” and become “inclusive.” Of course, the implication is that the party which nominated John McCain and Mitt Romney in succession isn’t “moderate” or “inclusive.”

When Democrats say Republicans need to “moderate,” that is code for the Republicans need to agree with Democrats. That is not a path to conservative victory nor is that a path which will yield a prosperous America for years to come.

Republicans, with their uncanny ability to fold, are also espousing some of this rubbish regarding how the party isn’t pandering to Latinos, women and other minorities as much as the Democrats are. The line of thinking, if I can try to understand it, says we in the GOP need to somehow out-Santa Claus the Democrats and out-pander them in compromising our values to play politics like liberals do. We need to slice and dice the population into segments and then target each segment accordingly. Principles be damned, we apparently can only win the way the Democrats do as they shamelessly pit Americans against each other.

There is a road map for victory. It happened in 1980 and 1984 when we witnessed landslides in the conservative direction. Republicans refuse to credit Ronald Reagan with giving us the road map and refuse to believe it can happen again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m inclined to join Landreaux in his “relatively media free cave.”