Madam Secretary, Benghazi, Consistency and Social Media

Secretary of State Clinton, dismissed the claim of responsibility for the attack in Benghazi; “you can’t trust social media”, said she.

Upon reflection, was not the anti Mohammed ‘video’ a function of social media? Was it present anywhere other than social media, in this case YouTube? If social media is not to be trusted, why the focus on the video by the administration and the ad campaign in Pakistan? Madam Secretary took that product of social media seriously for weeks.

Madam Secretary also blamed the situation on “the fog of war and combat confusion”. It does not appear that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were confused. Those heroes clearly expected support; there would have been no other reason to identify the attacker’s positions with laser pointers if you did not expect support to arrive.

It does not appear that General Hamm was confused; he mobilized available support mechanisms. According to growing reports he was immediately relieved of duty based on his inclination to provide support regardless of what Washington said. We should not forget that Secretary Panetta included General Hamm in his statement related to not going into a combat situation without knowing exactly what was happening on the ground. General Dempsey is to be dismissed; he is a ‘political’ General and has proven it over and over.

When you struggle for an answer, when you don’t want to face or tell the truth, inconsistency and dissembling is all you have! So far, from this administration, it is in fact all we have.