Drip, Drip, Drip

Jennifer Griffin, of Fox News, broke the story of a CIA order to its operatives to stand down after their request to move in support of what was happening at the Consulate. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty ignored their orders and ran in the direction of the jeopardy, as SEALs do. My friends, when a story has the constant drip, drip, drip like this one does there is something damaging in the offing.

At the end of her live report Bret Baier, knowing what was to come questioned the quality of her sources. Ms. Griffin’s response; “the sources were on the ground”. She continued; “as good as it gets” said she!

Did Secretary Panetta go all ‘news conference’ on us after a long silence because he knew Ms. Griffin’s report was on the way?

It leaks that Bill Clinton wants Hillary to prove it was not her fault, that she approved the additional security and ‘someone’ else stopped it. Hillary does not have to say it, Bill has protected both her status within the crisis and her loyalty to the Party; it did not come from her. Anyone who knows the Clinton’s political acumen is reasonably sure Hillary knew exactly what Bill was going to do and how it would be leaker.

A source that is not identifiable but with an incredible record of calling things well in advance of their occurrence says the White House has issued an “all call”. That call gathers the top talent in a ‘huddle’. I’ve been exposed his reports for a year; due to his anonymous status caution was the order of the day. This is the first time I’ve directly utilized his reporting as a source for these postings.

According to this source, the call is likely about Benghazi and is a signal that more damaging information is out there combines with a strong likelihood of more drip to come.

When this started I assumed that some mid-level functionaries would get a knife in the back and the Administration would use that as a fulcrum to move past the issue. That didn’t happen. Time went on, stories and spin changed, parsing was in full flower. Mainstream outlets dragged their feet, just this week The New York Times took it back to the ‘video’.

The leaks are a maddening drip, drip, drip. The dripping does, however, achieve a level where simple common sense tells you that the official position is not passing the smell test. Those mid-level bureaucrats are safe now, someone high up has to go to staunch the bleeding. Even that, may not work. There must be officials who have the entire picture in front of them besides the President: Hillary, Panetta, Petraeus? Who knows the most, which is most dangerous? Who can they trust to bury the worst of it for another 10 days? Who attempted to stand down the SEAL’s? So far it’s been just the White House and State. That could look like the good old days in the near future.

What of those outbuildings in Benghazi; weapons storage awaiting transfer to Syria? What of the Libyan ship loaded with weapons, heading for Syria? Is that part of the story? Ambassador Stephens spent time in Lebanon coordinating issues related to Syria. Could it be that the conspiracy theorists are closer to the truth than we could have imagined. Weapons to Syria means weapons to al Qaeda and its many affiliates. What is Saudi Arabia’s role? We know they’re in the game, where is they’re self interest?

As each day goes by, there are more questions than answers. Does drip, drip, drip turn into a tsunami?