Foreign Policy; A Brief Review

Leaving the debacle in Benghazi aside, in advance of tonight’s debate, let’s review.

Israel is now essentially surrounded by Islamist controlled governments, many of them militant and all of them vocal in opposition to the very existence of Israel, including the guiding political and religious lights in Egypt.

Canada is willing to define a red line related to Iran, the U.S. is not.

Terror organizations have grown over the past three years including Hiz’bAllah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and an alphabet soup of groups throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Indonesia.

Portions of Somalia and Sudan remain under Islamist control, they are strategically importand in terms of their proximity to oil shipping lanes.

The Arab Spring has proven to be nothing more than ‘cover’ for an Islamist takeover of political power centers. Fear not, we continue to ‘engage’.

Opinion polls in the Middle East show that the view of the U.S. has actually declined since President Obama took office.

Pakistan is an absolute mess. Islamist influences grow and are firmly engrained within the Pakistani bureaucracy, military and political infrastructure. Taliban influence is significant and growing. Pakistan is still playing both sides of the road related to Afghanistan.

Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia are making noise about getting their own nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia was involved in funding the Pakistani weapons program and may be ready to call their chit.

No progress in leading India and Pakistan to rapprochement and mitigating the threat of a nuclear confrontation.

Opinions of the U.S. in India, the world’s largest democracy, are frightfully low.

Afghanistan sees a resurgent Taliban. Green on Blue violence continues. A Taliban prisoner said it all; “you have a watch, we have time”.

We were for Egyptian President Mubarak before we were against him. We were for Gaddafi before we were against him. We were for Assad before we were against him.

The President, early in his administration, echoed Hamas positions related to the status of Palestine including a return to the 1967 borders which are comprehensively indefensable. Israel was delivered a harsh message early in the Obama administration and has continued to receive that message from the Oval Office.

The Secretary of State has expressed support for the position of the Islamic Conference at the U.N. related to international law that would limit free speech when it comes to criticism of Islam.

The Green Revolution in Iran went without Presidential comment or support.

Germany smacked down the President when he called for German stimulus spending. By the way, the German economy is doing just fine.

Syria is involved in a bloody Civil War despite U.S. declarations that Bashar Assad was a reformer. Iraq is allowing over flights from Iran with weapons and personnel in support of Assad.

Tunisia is coming under ever growing Islamist control.

Libya is essentially ungoverned and quickly coming under the control of Al Qaeda affiliates and militias.

Despite taking Tea with the Brotherhood in the White House, the anti U.S. rhetoric in Egypt escalates as each week goes by.

Iran is four years closer to a nuclear weapon despite the impact of economic sanctions.

Caving to Russian pressure the administration cancelled deals to install defensive missile systems in Eastern Europe, hanging Poland out to dry on the Russian border.

President Obama’s approval rating in Israel is in the single digits.

The President’s claim that he ended the war in Iraq is weak as the agreement to pull out U.S. Troops was negotiated under President Bush and simply observed by President Obama. The Obama administration’s opportunity to negotiate ongoing presence was on the ‘B’ priority list and never happened. Within 24 hours of the pull out, the negative effects of our absence was obvious. Sectarian violence and terror increases by the month.

The latest weapons purchase deal by Iraq was done with …….. Russia. Oil production deals essentially froze out U.S. companies; so much for the commitment of blood and treasure.

Iranian influence in Iraq is stark and begins with Iraqi President al Malaki.

China in involved in unchecked, gross intimidation of the entire region.

The block of Central and South Americans opposed to U.S. policy includes: Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador. These countries have also forged relationships with Russia and Iran. The tri-border region is a hot bed of Islamist terror groups.

Leading from behind became U.S. policy in Libya.

No progress in terms of North Korea and its nuclear program.

China has engaged in a massive military buildup inclusive of aircraft carriers. Chinese currency manipulation continues unchecked.

Russia has mocked the U.S. attempt at a ‘reset’ and has blocked U.S. policy initiatives at the U.N. consistently over the past three years. China walked in lockstep with Russia.

Russia has installed long range S400 missiles in Kaliningrad, essentially on the Polish border.

You Decide!