Mrs. Romney Shines

Wow! Ann Romney on The View was the epitome of intelligent, elegant, class. She reminded me of Laura Bush. Woopie Goldberg, again woefully uninformed, went for the gotha question based on erroneous information about Mormons and Ann Romney handled the question with restraint, class and firmness.

Mrs. Romney would not be dragged into the policy weeds. She spoke to her husband’s heart, as the person who knows him best. Woopie wants to know how Mrs. Romney will handle greeting dead soldiers when her own sons did not engage in military service. Wants to know how she’ll answer the mothers of those dead sons. Whew, Woopie, apparently, assumes that for a grieving mother, another mother’s sons is uppermost in their minds. I seriously doubt that is what is on a grieving mother’s mind. The question, as it frequently does, clarifies the questioner more so than the person on the receiving end of the question. If someone is out of touch here it is not Mrs. Romney.

Oh yea, Ann Romney is going to be a factor in the last three weeks of the campaign. If you’re not a highly ideological woman and don’t think she’s a class act please respond to this post and explain it to me because I don’t see anything other than class. If you don’t think she’ll impact the woman’s vote, I’m all ears.