Debate, Part Deux

Pre debate thoughts:

It occurs to me I’ll be one of about 70 million people watching this debate, that’s a bit better than half of the number of votes cast in 2008. What we do know is that there are not 70 million undecided voters. One must wonder what the combination of undecided and ‘might change’ would equal?

It seems as if I’ve heard just about every possible prognostication about how this debate will go or could go. What is clear is; if campaigns are supposed to pressurize the process allowing us to see candidates in that position, these debates should do the trick; especially this one.

Pre spin exposure thoughts.

I’ve got a ton of notes, minute by minute. If the President needed a big win he did not get it. I have no doubt that the MSM will declare it so, but in ever growing numbers the MSM is losing trust. Romney was good enough to prevent an overwhelming tide for the President. The numbers will even out again, the polls will get closer. Closer for about three or four days. When the President’s debate rhetoric is cast against his ongoing rhetoric even some on the Left will complain. Any pundit left behind is a potential source of criticism. That could be the case on both sides, just saying.

The people already committed to the President felt that old familiar tingle. I can barely wait for the MSNBC commentary. But, it was more of the same from the President, independent or undecided voters did not hear anything new. Time constraints inhibited a full engagement of every opportunity.

The attempts at a serious gotcha failed on both sides. Opportunities to refute were limited on both sides.

The bottom line is that both candidates performed reasonably well. Pick your winner and you’re not necessarily wrong. Pick details that you think are ‘damning’ and you’re not necessarily wrong either.

The last question was a great one, ‘dispel a misperception”. If Candy made that decision it was an excellent one. Romney hit it out of the park! The President, less so. He did not talk about perceptions or himself, he talked about his talking points.