Again, in advance of spin exposure.

The Vice Presidential debate occurs in a somewhat conflicted context. History says they don’t really matter. However, in the moment it feels like it does matter; like it should matter.

The Democrats need a hero. From their point of view Joe has given them that tonight. Ryan has not made any mistakes in particular, but there is a charisma gap here. Ryan looks wooden, practiced too often. The facts are, of course, in dispute. An observer sends me, “Ryan is doing OK”, my response is “OK is not momentum”.

Joe, will likely not be fact checked by the mainstream. Everyone will talk to their constituencies, Democratic intensity may improve, but If this ends up being an exercise to the base, nothing changes. The fundamental problem is that Ryan needed to focus on the Obama record and he simply did not got there aggressively enough.

In the absence of the facts I’m guessing Joe had more ‘time’. Seems that way. We’re nearly to the end, and this becomes an exercise in expectations. Ryan’s closing is, in my humble opinion, on target, good close. Joe, repeats the talking points regarding the Ryan Budge cuts. Class warfare is on the agenda, no surprise.

The closing has Joe identifying the problems, without taking responsibility. We touch on the 47% again. Joe highlights the ‘level playing field’.

Ryan’s closing is focuses on jobs, “a recovery for all Americans”. How about a job creator in the White House? Ryan applies a the most basic rule of Sales and Marketing, ask for the sale. Ryan asked for the vote.

At best, a draw; maybe Joe won by bit. It’s crack for Democrats, it’s spin for Republicans.