The Right Answers, Part Three

Congressman Ryan is up next and some of what’s to come is not difficult to imagine.

“Paul Ryan will end Medicare as we know it.” The right answer?

“Someone or something is going to end Medicare as we know it. We can also throw Medicade and Social Security in the crisis category as well. The question is not are these programs going to change, they are. The question is whether we agree on a common sense plan that recognizes the facts and the realities. We have an aging population, we live 10 years longer that we did just 50 years ago, we work longer and for many of us retirement is simply unaffordable. We can create new financial realities for these programs or simply wait for the crash and try to pick up the pieces. We can see a point in the future where the only thing government can afford are entitlements. Forget the roads and bridges, forget the military, forget money for education. If our opponents truly want those things as an integral part of the American experience they should be motivated to address the problems all of us know are there. Some of us are trying to address it some are not.”

The 47% Question is politically inevitable. The right answer?

“So far the President’s support has been very solid around that 47% number that everyone is so hysterical about. Other numbers regarding dependency of various sorts are similar. Poll after poll says it, including our own. Do we think 47% of Americans are slackers, of course not, that’s silly and the folks who perpetuate the talking point know it’s silly? Instead of talking about those folks, I’d rather speak to them.

Three things; first, I’d love to see the 47% prove the Governor wrong and offer him an honest opportunity to earn their vote. Our policies will generate economic opportunity and growth. The President’s policies have brutalized the 47%: unemployment, slow growth, Medicare cuts, eliminating energy production, and gas prices! The President’s policies have taken the hole that you’re in and made it deeper, made getting through the pile of bills harder. If these economic policies go on for another four years and the economy reels toward debt laden collapse, who gets hurt first? Who gets hurt worst? Those of you who have already suffered get hurt first and worst. I hope you will ask yourselves that simple question guided by nothing more than your own personal experience. Who’s hit first and worst if things don’t improve? The Governor and I can turn the tide on that suffering; if you’ll give us the chance.”

“Congressman Ryan has abandoned his core beliefs to join the Republican ticket.” The right answer?

“The right answer Mr. Vice President is no more complicated than a review of the 2008 Democratic primary debates. The President and Vice President did not agree on everything, nor did the President and Secretary of State. The right answer is; “so what?” The right answer is; “Ladies and Gentlemen what we have here is exactly what frustrates you, a politician accusing another politician of being a politician. This is not where the issues are, this is not where the solutions are and I suggest that we don’t waste any more time on it. This time, in this moment our challenges have to dominate our politics.”