World Domination; Next Slide Please

Click! Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Japanese Emperors, most of Europe at one point in time or another, ancient Greece, Rome, turn of the millennia Islam, Hitler, Stalin and potentates of all stripes, toyed with, prepared for, spoke to and in some cases came within shouting distance of world domination.

Manifest Destiny; migrating across mountains, oceans and centuries; next slide please.

18 years ago Samuel Huntington, contrary to accepted thinking at the time penned “The Clash of Civilizations”. He argued that most societies were intensifying, radically in some cases, their cultural identities. Those cultural identities were not being shed, in most parts of the world as is the case in the West. Professor Huntington predicted that the future would be marked by disharmony, not some U.N. led Parliament of Man. So far he is correct as evidenced by: Bosnia, West Africa, Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Central Asia, Indonesia, Mali, and the greater Middle East.

Today’s Islamist movements represent the epitome of what Professor Huntington predicted to great derision at the time. The West appears hamstrung; secularists engaged in failed attempts to relate to, rationalize and in many cases appease religious and cultural extremism. This appeasement resides on baseless, politically correct moral equivalency overruling simple common sense and rudimentary knowledge.

Mr. Huntington argued that culture, religion and tradition are not insignificant, despite trends in the West. He argued that they, in reality, constitute the drumbeat to which entire civilizations will march into the future.

The clash of civilizations is, at its lowest common denominator, a clash of self image, self esteem, cultural self confidence and the strength of belief systems and institutions. The West has fallen prey to the onslaught of multi-culturalism as an end in and of itself. The West has deployed political correctness, moral equivalency and deep sensitivities to all things foreign while engaging in self emasculation. This equivalency appears to be absent a clear commitment to indigenous culture and cultural history.

The argument for fact free moral and cultural equivalency skulks about elitist salons providing a ‘pass go’ card to violence and misogyny.

The West is abandoning the confidence and, yes, the arrogance that created heretofore unknown peace and prosperity. The West is losing its groove, or more to the point has engaged a self inflicted cultural and civilizational decline. It’s Russian roulette with demographics, we haven’t hit the chamber with the bullet yet, but the odds are starting to turn against us. As cultural identity, religious faith, tradition and a deep self confidence are being deconstructed in the West. Mr. Huntington’s predictions are coming to full flower in most other areas of the globe.

The West, inexplicably, fails to perceive the challenge they face. Islamism views Western ideals as weakness, an undeniable signal of Western decline awaiting the rise of Islam as the source of global salvation. The inexplicable nature of the failure to comprehend this truism is exacerbated by the fact that Islam’s goals are unambiguous. It is not that we are incapable of understanding Islamist goals, we simply insist on willful blindness in the refusal to simply take Islam at its word.

The logical disconnects are illuminating. The criminal death penalty is unacceptable in much of the Western world and yet intellectual elites turn somersaults in search of justification for immutable Islamic theology that applies that penalty generously. The London and Madrid bombings had no impact on European elitist thought. Women’s and minority rights are a critical component of modern Western values, but medieval repression of woman and dhimmitude in Islamic culture is mandated as a matter of faith. Tolerance is to be elevated in the PC West, but Islamic intolerance and religious xenophobia enjoys the blind Western eye. Genocide is anathema, however Islamic commitments to wipe Israel off the face of the earth is met with a grandfatherly wink and a nod, followed by some manner of logic that finds that the fault lies with Israel. Imperialism is passé, and yet the clearly stated intent of Islamic Imperialism is ignored as is their history of explosive imperialistic expansion.

The next slide is not pretty!!